Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tuesday Reviewsday

Review One:

My kids got Just Dance Kids 2 as a Christmas gift.  They love it, and so do I!

It's one of the few Wii games they can all do together without fighting.  

And it's great for these cold and snowy New England winter days, when they need to stay indoors.

Review Two:

After five babies, we have finally found the PERFECT teether.

So simple and easy for a baby to hold and for Mommy to wash.

Xander just got his two bottom teeth a couple weeks ago, and he loves chewing on this seahorse.

(Oh, sorry, this is just a gratuitous baby photo!)


  1. found you from snapshots of a sunday. love the blog, and the baby photo-so cute!

  2. Will have to remember that Wii game. Always looking for good games and ones where the kids can interact and not fight!!

  3. we have just dance 3. Its great or was great until the kids literally danced so hard they all fell ontop of each other and hit all the buttons at once by falling. I called nintendo and they said that they broke it. I can send it back for 60 bucks tho.

    but anyway..yeah just dance is one of the better games they have.


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