Saturday, April 21, 2012

Day 5: The Turtle and the Creek

So, because the zoo obviously didn't meet our animal quota for the week, the kids found a turtle in Nana and Gramp's yard.

Aunt Kelly helps Tommy take a turn:

And down to the creek we marched to set it free:

Walking sticks were a necessity, of course:

As were flowers picked for Mommy:

Box, the turtle, made it safely back home:

And it was time to throw rocks and skip stones in the creek:

And snap pictures of my chunky monkey:

And smooch him to death:

You just have to say "Yay" now and he starts clapping.  Cutest thing ever!

Cousin Tommy was enjoying my boys bad big influence on him: 

And Xander imitated the rocket from earlier in our trip:

By the walk back to the house, I had a beautiful bouquet gathered for me:


  1. Awesome times you are having with family and kiddos.

    I love that beetle made from other cool!


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