Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wordfull Wednesday: Proud Momma Moment (As if I had anything to do with it...)

Martin, Andrew


COMMUNICATION            96 VG

LANGUAGE ARTS               99 VG

MATHEMATICS                   97 VG

MUSIC                                   95 VG

RELIGION                             98 VG

SCIENCE                              98 VG

SOCIAL STUDIES                98 VG

WORK SKILLS                     95 VG


Martin, John-Paul

Language Arts               94 A

Reading                      96 A+

Mathematics               99 A+

Science                      96 A+
Social Studies               92 A

Religion                     98 A+
Music                        95 VG

Cultural Portuguese  100 VG

Penmanship               97 VG


  1. looks good. they take portugese in their school? they just have regular old spainish in our catholic school.

    1. Yes, they take Portuguese because we have a large Portuguese community in this area. I wish they would just take Spanish because I feel that would be more useful in other parts of the country, but I am happy that they are exposed to another language starting in first grade!

  2. No surprise on these grades coming from their former teacher! Great job! ...And you DO have something to do with it. Just having children that are respectful, know how to listen, follow directions and are eager to learn helps. I'd have taken a 100 "Martins" any day of the week!

  3. You had ALOT to do with it, they are confident and doing great because they get that love at home!

    Way to go!

  4. aaaah..pat yourselves (mom and dad) on the back. YOU do have a huge roll in their learning. Pat on the back to the teachers also. ok..the kids too. they work hard.


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