Friday, July 27, 2012

7 Quick Takes: Summer Wish List

1) Eat ice cream for dinner:
(We had dinner for dessert!)


2) Go to the beach:

DONE!  Plenty of times.  I love where we live!

3) Swim in pool:

DONE!  Thanks to our nice babysitter!

4) Go on vacation:
NOT YET!  In August we will be going to MD and Williamsburg.

5) Spend time with family and friends:

DONE! (But never enough!!!)

6) Go to the movies as a family (minus Alexander)
We are waiting to see Ice Age 4 when Gammy comes home from vacation!  
The kids have seen Brave, and Phil and I saw The Amazing Spiderman.

7) Run a race:

Not I!  Unfortunately my knee hasn't let me run too much this summer.  But my kids run plenty at track club.

How are your summer vacation wish lists going?


  1. I want 3 more months of summer!! So jealous of your living by the beach...lakes just aren't the same!

    Trying every day to be present and just enjoy summer, which is why I have not been reading bloggies!! Trying to catch up a little a little at a time...

  2. Have fu in Williamsburg!! We LOVE going there!

  3. Glad you spent time at the beach! Do it once for us! Living in a land-locked state doesn't offer much for beaches. Yes, we go to the lake ... and to the other lake, but I'm eager for the day when our kids can see the OCEAN!


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