Sunday, August 19, 2012

7 Quick Takes (LATE): Vacation and Weekend Roundup

Welp, I  missed 7 Quick Takes Friday because I was too busy having too much fun on my week off of work.  Is this how much fun you SAHM's have every day?  I mean, in between eating your bon-bons, of course.  Wink.

So here's my version of I-need-to-get-it-all-down-on-the-internetz-so-that-I-can-prove-my-kids-had-a-fun-childhood-in-case-they-get-a-terrible-long-term-memory-like-their-father:

1) We went to a super cool tire park in Maryland:

We met up with Phil's best friend from childhood, Andrew, his wife Katie and our godson, Dominic.  "Uncle" Andrew and my Andrew look like each other, which is sooooo weird and amazingly awesome:
 They even dress alike!

The tire park had a small wildlife area:

 Did you read that?  Bear POOP????!!!!  

There was a snake skin for the kids to touch, and John-Paul brought it over to me and I screamed and ran outside.  Not because I was actually scared, but I knew he wanted that dramatic effect ;)

Pearls and sneakers...that's my girl!

2) We went to McDonald's for lunch, and got the kids their tri-annual Happy Meal:

 3) Eamon playing chicken in Williamsburg:

4) Thank God for good traveling babies.  Xander mostly did this in the car:

And I thought of Ana when I saw this truck:

5) We got to see the hysterical Lisa and Jason Gale et familia while in Maryland.  They came over with bagels and coffee and the wonderful news that they sold their house!!  Which means they are officially moving to Texas, and I will be crying myself to sleep every night.  Bwahahahaha.  
Photo from April 2011 when I was preggers with Xander and we were dressing like twins.
4) We went to the Big Slide with Aunt Kelly and cousin Tommy (I have crummy videos but no photographic evidence of this fact).  But there were swings for chunky babies:

And strange menu items (Really???  Peanut oil fried sandwiches? Didn't know I was in the deep South.)

And a carousel of sorts that my monkeys all over:

6) On our way home from MD to MA, we drove by CT to see the Donaldsons!!!  This may have been my kids favorite part of the whole trip!!:

Cari convinced me to play the Dance Wii game with her:

What's that?  You don't want no stinkin' photograph?  You want video proof?  Well you're in luck:

If God hears my prayers, then these two will be married in about 15 years.

Which one of these is not like the other?
A.K.A. a neighbor kid ran over for the picture....
 The hostesses with the mostesses: 

Cari and Ken kept us entertained and fed us homemade pizza and curly fries. 
 Did you know people can actually make homemade curly fries that taste uhmazzing??  If you don't believe me, then visit their house.  Just don't tell them I sent you.

7) We took the kids to the park tonight and saw two friars playing tennis.  Complete in habit/robes.  How awesome is that?

 And now I must go to see my patient hubby who has been waiting for me since 7:00 pm.  I promised him a date at 8:45, and I will be about 6 minutes fashionably late.  Girls.


  1. Aaack! You posted the video! No more curly fries for you!

  2. So fun!! Glad you had a great time and sad I missed my chance to meet you. Again. Now you need a vacation from all that traveling. :)

  3. looks like you had a great vacation!

  4. This is so awesome-- LOVE the video
    And that I got a shout out :)

  5. Praise the Lord! You posted the video! So awesome. And I love that even though cheater Cari had the whole thing memorized and was clearly jumping the gun on those moves, you STILL WON. Hysterical :D

  6. Awesome summer fun.

    Cari looks like an awesome friend...I read her bloggy too. She is so funny.

    Come to MN sometime and visit all of us!! We have a lot of lakes and a ton of mosquitoes!


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