Thursday, August 23, 2012

Just Call Me Nancy Drew

Last night I woke up at 1 am convinced there was a natural gas leak in the house. 

I never lost my super sense of smell after this past pregnancy, and my keen nose picks up on everything.  This is mostly an annoying super power, but it has come in handy.  Like the times I can smell the baby creating a masterpiece and then decide I need to run to the grocery store at that exact moment so someone else has to deal with the diaper change.  Hehehehe.

But back to last night. 

 I woke Saint Philip up to go search the dark and scary dungeon basement to make sure all was ok, and then outside to check our gas grill, and he came back to report that all was fine. Not believing there wasn't a gas leak, I walked around our house, inhaling deeply, trying to find the source. I kept coming back to the bedroom which seemed to be room with the most distinct odor of natural gas. 

Then I remembered we had eaten cauliflower with dinner. 

And the case was solved.


  1. I laughed out loud on this! Been there! Last night the fire alarm went off for NO reason (and our fire alarm is louder than a firetruck going through our bedroom) at 2am. Nice. Thought the house was burning down. Glad we were wrong too.

  2. That's one bad gas leak!

  3. Ha ha

    Probably shouldn't share this story but... My husband often tells me of the tale that he thought his house was on fire... Maybe a gas leak.. He didn't know... But he started searching everywhere. Asked his mom ( he was a teenager) and she said, no I don't smell anything. Eventually he found the source: his mom had just eaten French onion soup. Lol. Ironically the same thiing happens to me when I eat that. It's a great soup but the after effects are toxic.

  4. Oh boy. I got a laugh out of this one!! Good sleuthing though, Nancy.

  5. Thanks for the laugh!!!!!

    Loved your quick takes too...poor little xander--I still love that sweet face!!!!!

  6. OH MY GOSH....that is SO funny!
    Sometimes I swear I can smell a gas leak in our house too...and we don't have gas. SO, I just found my answer here. Thanks!


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