Friday, September 21, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

1) Is my baby having a gender-identity crisis?
First it was the princess wand:

Then the purple sippy cup:

And yesterday, he came walking into the kitchen with this purse.  I kid you not, he even knew how to carry it on his arm:
It is so funny to me to see my son playing with girly toys. 
None of my other boys did because we didn't have any girl toys in the house yet. 
 Now Alexander has his choice in all sorts of toys and while he usually tends towards balls and trucks, his fashionista side does like the purty things in life.

This reduced carb diet has us eating things like this:

Chicken & Veggie Stirfry
and me acting like a crazy woman while my body adjusts. 
I'm eating only a reduced carb diet - full of fruits, veggies, and yogurt - and I hope I start feeling normal soon!

Can somebody teach my kids how to use playground equipment properly?

I get these stupid things twice a year at the change of seasons and/or when I'm run-down. 
One time my doctor gave me a prescription for Valtrex (a prescription for the other herpes) to take on the day a coldsore started.  I made Phil go to the pharamacy to get it filled because I would have died from embarrassment. Anyway, that prescription has expired and now I need to go to my new doctor and go through that whole ugly process again.

5) Eamon's 6th birthday meal and cake request:
"Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and if I have to have a birthday vegetable, I'll choose corn.  For my cake I'll have chocolate cake and coffee (?!) frosting and chocolate chips with a Skylander on top".  Should be a busy Wednesday!!

Maggie, explaining why she was crying: It's because Andrew threw the ball and it hit me on my front private!

and later....

Maggie: Daddy is so funny because sometimes when we go up the stairs he smacks me on the back private. 

(Oh my gosh, I hope she isn't saying things like this to her teachers. 
And who taught her "front and back private"? 
Those are the worst names ever!)

 I'll leave you with a blond moment from yours truly:

Group of teachers and I discussing personality types and the famous people who we are "matched" with:

Teacher: Colleen, you have the same personality traits as Hitler and Plato.

Me: Wait, what do you mean?  I have the same personality trait as a lump of clay?

Teacher: Not playdough...Plato.

Have a great weekend everybody!!!


  1. Ha! I love that your initial reaction wasn't worry over being likened to Hitler, just confusion over being likened to playdough. So hilarious.

    1. That's exactly what I was going to say, Ana! Forget about Hitler, why would you be so mean as to call me CLAY?!

    2. I thought this very same thing!

  2. Great list!
    I love Eamon's "if I have to eat a vegetable on my birthday..." and I think Maggie's terms are fine for a four year old.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  3. Oh my. #7 made me honk out loud! Playdough being the concern. So funny :)

  4. baby boy is too cute for words!

  5. haha! I like the whole front private/back private... we might put that into practice around here!

  6. Alright, Playdough, (can I call you that?), that picture of X with the purse, just too adorable!! I see older brothers in the future blackmailing with that photo!!

    My kiddos can't teach your kiddos how to play "normal" on playground equipment, can't even count how many times I say "up the ladder, down the slide" on an outing!!

    Hope your cold sore gets better oldest daughter gets them too, we use Abreva, spendy, but it works fast.

  7. I too have suffered through that humiliating path of cold sores and the valtrex prescription. You have my deepest sympathies. Cold sores are awful.

  8. You are the cutest thing ever. Just FYI. ;)

  9. You are the cutest thing ever. Just FYI. ;)

  10. That's not a purse, that's a man-bag! ;-) And we seem to have one of everything in every color so it's funny to see what the kids decide to play with.

    Rob gets cold sores in the fall too, and he uses Abreva. Works pretty well. And don't feel alone - I have herpes as well from when I had shingles as a pre-teen. Same virus, different strain. :)

    Our internet has been out for the better part of this week and it's so nice to finally be able to catch up on my blog reading! Beats washing the floor hands down. :)

  11. I love "front private" and "back private". Around here we just call the whole thing bottom and it's very confusing. Well, we called it that until a little girl in her class told Sarah the real name was vagina. Now Sarah walks around the house referring to it as her "fah-gina". I cringe every time I hear it. And trust me, I hear it a lot. It's her new favorite word! Groan....

  12. I am very interested in the Hitler comment!!! are you E-vIL!???
    just joshing
    Have a great weekend and kiss that baby boy a ton. He is just so dern cute!

  13. All very funny! My comment in on the back/front. I smack my kids bum as we go up the stairs too. Then when they started doing it to me or each other, I thought I'd better stop b/c what if they do this at school. I don't think that would go over well. And they so wouldn't understand why not. Kind of sad but safe at the same time. I relate. And we started using correct names for things recently. Didn't help....we women now have "China's".

  14. #6 and #7- Too funny!I have blonde moments too and I am not blonde!

    I usually feel better when I eat low cardb, it is the weekends that I allow myself ot eat whatever that usually causes depression. Seriously, sugar and carbs mess with me.

  15. Oh my God, your takes had me ROLLING today! Lol especially and front and back private!

    That stir fry looks deliiiiicious! What kind of sauce did you use?

  16. Love the 'Murse', Xander! Isn't that what they call a man-purse? I'm sure Maggie's been teaching him how to hold it when you weren't watching. ha!

    Hmm..back private?! H.i.l.a.r.i.o.u.s.

    Hitler!? Ne-vah. Sorry, but that blonde has got me giggling tonight.

    As for cold sores, I had two nasty things when I was in the early months of postpartum this time around. Thankfully, they haven't been TOO bad, but dang those things catch me off guard. I think it is when my immunity seems lower. Just a suggestion, but my super-nice/understanding doc to potentially crazy/nutso woman (aka ME), prescribed Acyclovir 400 mg. I could take it when preggers (I got a couple of them then) and not. Take it three times a day for five days. I start as soon as I notice one starting and it doesn't get any further/bigger. I keep a filled prescription on hand now all the time, just in case. Has been a miracle for me. I also use Abreva (when I remember) just before going to bed as precaution.

    Sounds like you will be celebrating big at the Martin house next week. As for me, Lily turned TEN today and we'll be doing plenty of celebrating over the weekend. Your sure to see a post next week filled with cake/bday fun :)

  17. Oh I am laughing so hard at your blond moment! Totally something I would do!!

    I get cold sores sometimes, too. Worst things ever!!

  18. Oh so much to say here, so let's see,
    first - My boys went through the playing with girls things too. I have a picture of my son wearing furry pink high heels slippers. I will show it to him when he brings home his first girl friend to meet the family.
    second - playgrounds. UGH. What is it about kids climbing UP the slide?? Mine have gotten knocked down from kids sliding down but did they learn a lesson? No.
    Third - Same here about the cold sores and Valtrex. I used to get one every month and started using Valtrex but I'm always mortified to go to the drugstore to pick up the prescription. I want to shout out "IT'S ONLY A COLD SORE - not anything "down there"!.


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