Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Advice Needed: All Saints Day

All Saints Day 2010
St. Michael, Blessed John Paul II, Mary, St. Francis

Can you please, pretty please help me think of ideas that my kids can be for All Saints Day?  

Just keep in mind that I can NOT sew/knit/craft so anything remotely artistic or creative is OUT.

We *might* have access to my son's altar boy garb:

I appreciate any EASY ideas you can give (have I overemphasized my craft-lessness enough?) and thank you!


  1. A lot of the saints were poor so you won't need much creativity dress them up as poor. St. Francis collected stones to build a church so you could give a basket of stones to one child and dress him in raggy clothes to look poor. Mother Teresa cared for the poor she wore a scarf and sari a blue and white scarf and an old shirt tied with a belt would do for the sari.

    What ever saint you choose keep things simple thats how the saints were.

    Good luck and God bless.

  2. St. Kateri - if you have a brown dress/shawl and just add some feathers!

    St. Joseph - you can probably re-use parts of the St. Francis costume and add some tools and a staff as props

    St. Padre Pio - you can totally reuse the St. Francis costume and wrap the child's hands in white bandages.

    St. Gianna Beretta Molla - if you can get a small white lab coat

    Some more ideas: http://www.revolutionoflove.com/mamas/traditions/saint_costumes.html

  3. Oh, and St. Dominic Savio - if you can get the alter boy costume!

  4. Oooh, oooh, oooh, pick me!! Do not underestimate the power of a pillowcase. Shorties can use a regular and bigger kids get a king size. Put slits in for arm and head, add a ribbon or rope around the waist and you have SO many possibilities. No sewing. It will fray around the slits, but who cares? No one will notice and it only needs to last one night. We've done that for JPII, St. Joseph, St. David, and you could do it for a million female saints, especially if you find black!
    Other ideas:
    Buy a prisoner costume - St. Maximilian
    Buy knight gear (they have some at the Dollar Store!) - St. George, Joan of Arc, St. Michael (add wings)
    Crown and pillowcase or robe - St. Henry, St. Constantine (we're doing this one this year)
    Indian costume - St. Kateri
    Farmer - St. Isidore
    I'm sure I can think of more if you need...
    If all else fails, you can strip one of them down and call them St. Francis ;)

  5. St. Florian- do you have a fireman costume lying around?

    For St. Maximillian, you if you could use the black robe from the altar costume, you could tape a red triangle with the letter P in it, and a rectangle under it, with the number 16670 (his number in the death camp)

    With the knight gear you could tape some paper arrows into it and be St. Sebastian.

  6. My son is being maximilian Kolbe also this year. We plan on buying a handcuff from the dollar store. he also wants to buy the ball and chain he saw there too. Then just the number badge like Cari said.

    Last year in his class someone was st. Lucy with those fake eyes in a basket. They are also on sale this time of year at the dollar tree.

    St. Vincent de Paul carries around 2 dolls( a boy and girl) since he loved children and wore poor looking clothes.

    St.agnes carries a stuffed lamb

    you could be Mary and just put on a veil and carry a doll

  7. I've seen people take two of those styrofoam visor's from the craft store and attached them together to form a crozier for their head. Last year I dressed my Matthew up in a blue and beige sheet, had him carry a briefcase and hold an Ipod playing the Beatle's "Taxman". (needless to say, he took it off after 30 seconds.) Good luck.

  8. St. Dominic Savio - Sunday Dress Clothes - dress slacks turned into nickers, borrowed sister's knee high socks, dress shoes, bow tie, and dress shirt - optional: hat, vest

    St. Isadore - play clothes - jeans, boots, flannel/plaid shirt, straw hat - http://joyfilledfamily.blogspot.com/2011/11/all-hallows-eve.html

    Children of Fatima - using clothes in their closet - http://joyfilledfamily.blogspot.com/2009/11/children-of-fatima-and-our-lady.html

    Buy a costume at Costco -http://www.joyfilledfamily.blogspot.com/2012/10/simple-costumes.html

    any biblical character - turn thrift store sheet into a tunic, add accessories http://www.joyfilledfamily.blogspot.com/2012/10/simple-costumes.html

    st. Elizabeth of Hungary - anything princess with a basket of bread/flowers http://joyfilledfamily.blogspot.com/2010/10/orate-pro-nobis.html

  9. Ok, you know I could think of a TON, but here are some hits I've seen in the past:

    St. Joseph (Carpenter's Outfit/Tool Belt) Boys love the tools!
    St. George (Knight's shield/sword/helmet) Boys love the cool outfit! Dragon slayer, how cool is that!
    St. Tarcissus (Robe or T-shirt with Jesus/Eucharist painted or pinned on the chest. YOu could draw a simple picture of it and have the boy dressing as him color it in fabric markers) He was a child martyr
    St. Martha (Apron/Broom/Kerchief)
    St. Clare (Brown St. Francis costume from previous years with the Eucharist on the chest)
    Any of the princess Saints (dress like a princess)
    Pope John Paul II (dress as a skiier with cool glasses and a beret)
    Pier Giorgio (pipe/sweater/pants tucked into boots/hiking stick)
    Ok... I could go on and on.

    Just have them pick and give you ideas of what they could do to put their outfits together. They're creative enough!

  10. If you include people from the Bible in opens up more possibilities too. Moses and the 10 Commandments, Noah with stuffed animals...


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