Sunday, October 28, 2012

Waiting on Sandy

Thanks to this view out my window right now:

I won't be seeing this view tomorrow:

because school (and work) has been cancelled!!!

While waiting for this:

We'll be doing lots more cleaning:

and cuddling:

Stay safe everyone!!!!


  1. How in the heck do you keep your house so neat?!?!

    We are waiting for the same weather, and instead of cleaning, I am sitting watching a ton of movies on Netflix and Hulu before we lose power.

    Obviously that's why your house is cleaner. ;-)

    Stay safe, Martins!

    1. These pictures are from when we were trying to sell our's slowly getting back to that around here, but it will only last a minute. The way you spent the day sounds like a lot more fun. Plus I'm not pregnant yet!

  2. Praying you all stay safe and you do not lose your power.

    Wow, your home is so the heck did that happen? I try cleaning and as I clean and move onto the next thing, the last thing gets messed up. Needless to say my house is not clean.

  3. Have you seen this link?:

    We are not expecting a storm...but winter lasts forever here, so I wrote a ton of these down!!

  4. Stay safe Martins!!! We'll be praying for our buddies.

  5. So much for y'all being a safe haven, huh? We're all in it now!

  6. Your house looks AMAZING! I mean, I know those we were special pics, but still...lovely.

  7. Stay safe! You are in our prayers! It doesn't look like you need to do any more cleaning, your home looks spotless to me!

  8. Hope you guys stay safe and sound!! XOXO

  9. we are getting winds and rains and snow here...except nothing is cancelled. I wish it was.

    love your house. so cute and clean.

  10. How? How? HOW is your house so clean? Do you have more hours in the day than the rest of us?? :-) Praying you all stay safe during the storm!

  11. cute home and super cute kids...hug hug'em all!


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