Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Breaking News:
I cooked my first turkey (breast) and Phil carved his first turkey (breast)!
We are sort of turkey racist, sorry dark meat.

My in-laws are here visiting, and we're having so much fun.  Maybe too much?  Nah, no such thing.

Um, yeah, we did that.  
Two proud chefs. 

The making of the kid took a team effort.  Between Phil and his brother there are 11 children. The oldest is only ten!  So meal times are very crazy fun...

 Food glorious food...

Grace, does this count for What I Wore to Thanksgiving?  
Vest: KMart
Shirt: Gap clearance
Jeans: Loft
Sister-in-law's outfit: Cute!

Desserts: Swedish apple pie, pumpkin pie and derby pie.  

Excuse me while I wipe the drool from my chin.

OK, I'm back.


 I am so thankful for my family, friends (the real life ones and bloglandders), good health, my faith and all with which we have been blessed. 

It is a very Happy Thanksgiving indeed!! 


  1. ha. yes totally counts!! I think we share a love for vests --- they just add that special something to every single outfit. I bid on them (never win) on eBay all the time. Did I just type that? yes.

    super impressed with the food prep and all those kids --- my two kids are killllllling me. only two.

    okay this is more a stream of consciousness comment -- sorry!

    Happy Thanksgiving to the Martins!!!!

  2. Wow! Love the 11 children under 10 meal. Crazy and wonderful :)

  3. Great job Mrs. Martin! And the post and pics to boot! I always am amazed at your punctuality. I JUST got home from dropping Ava's older sister off in Boston and getting her ready for bed, put to bed, put all the food and stuff from the day away when I sat down and was like, "I can't believe THREE of my Blog friends with 5 or 6 kids are already done with their posts AND pics"! Amazing. You are certainly better women than I, ....but I'm THANKFUL for you all! Much love to your family xo.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving BBF and family! Thankful for the gift of you :-) Looking good and food looks y.u.m.m.y.

  5. Love the vest! Somehow we don't have any k-marts in the great state of Texas (that I have seen). Crazy, right? Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Looks like you had a great time. I bet your kids loved having a bunch of cousins to play with! :) Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. I'm a turkey racist too. Weird, considering the whole, 'being married to black man' thing. But what are you gonna do?

  8. Happy Thanksgiving! Looks like a great time.

  9. Looks like a lively Thanksgiving with some yummy food and the vest is great!!! BTW....

  10. cute top! clearance too...loveee it.

    found you on patton :).



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