Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Bits of Tid Tuesday

You guys, it's time for the Sheenazing Blogger Awards voting to begin over at Bonnie's!  
Thank you to my husband readers who nominated me, I love you!  
Please go vote here.


A picture from the March for Life:

Oh yeah, now I see that there were not enough people there to make a news story.  


Downton Abbey.  
I'm assuming I can write about it now because everybody and their mother watches it on the night it airs.  Except moi since I can't keep my eyes propped open after 8:30 and so by the time I watched it (the next night) I had successfully sidestepped multiple blog posts and told everyone at work to Fermez les Bouches so that I could be surprised.

  Of course, since there was so much hullabaloo about this episode  I knew something bad had to happen, and Phil and I watched it guessing who would die.  For the record, he was right and I was wrong, which is a rare occurrence ;)  

Why get rid of this sweetness? 

Why didn't the Dowager Countess stop it?  
I guess she doesn't have as much say as I thought.

I'm thinking that Branson will go back to Ireland and get put in jail and Mary and Matthew will raise the baby, whom they will name Sybil, because they are unable to have children of their own.  That's sounds about right, right?  

Actually don't answer that.  I don't like spoilers.

Hope your Tuesday is less bits and more tid!


  1. Good Morning Colleen! And Congratulations! Soo deserving, friend! Have a great day... : )

  2. I didn't see it until last night, since we don't have cable. I knew something was going to be bad, but I kept thinking it was going to be with what's her name the prostitute and her son. Because that story line from the previous week destroyed me more than Sybil did.

    Not that I didn't love Sybil (but I loathe Branson), but the thought of giving up my sweet four year old boy- and to people who hate me and will happily pretend I'm dead- ripped my heart out.

    You know what? I'm going to write a post about it and stop cluttering up your combox.

    Congrats on the nomination!!

  3. So, we totally had read that Sybil would die on accident before the season started, so we were mentally prepared. Thank God.

    Also. You were nominated for like every category, I felt like buddy the elf when he is like, 'SANTA, I KNOW HIM!!!' only I was like, 'MARTIN FAMILY MOMENTS, I KNOW HER'.

    That is all.

    (sorry letlovebesincere, I accidentally deleted your comment and had to cut and paste)

  4. I watch it online the next morning (while pumping at 6am)
    If you googled pictures you had to see some pictures that spoiled more spoilers...at least I did darn it. I don't think Mary and Matthew get the baby....that's all I am going to say. I saw Branson with the cast on some awards show (on ENews) and so thought, he must stay? He must stay a regular character....hmmmmm......my brain is over thinking now...maybe he and Edith? That's what they used to do, marry siblings of deceased....who knows!

    OK, nominations!! I voted for you, even in a catagory that I was nominated for!! I voted you "best mommy blog" I don't talk about sex. You do. I was going to, but then that week I was going to, I found out that several kids read my blog....like God was giving me a sign to not go there! There were so many blogs I knew, that I had to spread out my votes...

  5. I can't keep my eyes open past 9pm either, so next day watching is our thing too. I cried and cried watching the episode last night, and it was my birthday!!

    BTW, I like how the Dowager Countess just pops up on your blog like that, kind of like an interrupting Kanye West, but better :)

  6. Congratulations!
    Me too, I'm under-appreciated ~ LOL!

    Am also very curious where the rest of the season is going ~ lots of storylines!!

  7. Haha, Dev and I did the same thing while watching that episode. I was so sad we were right about someone dying. Boo. BUT somehow Dev got the rest of the season and we just finished it last night and I was really happy (except one part) with how they ended it. The last episode was pretty good. But now it's going to feel like forever until the next season!!!
    And I LOVE the Dowager's character. She always gets the best one liners.

  8. Hollah!(is that even how it's spelled?!)to the nominations...I've voted and fully expect that you come home with a Sheenazing!

    As for Downton, I'm going to shame myself and say that I don't watch the show. I know, what an awful blogger I am!! Well, I hadn't watched the show before,until Sunday when a)that's all that was on tv and b) I wanted to see what all the hub-bub was about. I will refrain from getting hooked. Maybe. I can now see the addiction.

    And the March...so tired of mainstream media. Ridiculous. Hence, why I rarely watch the news and why I blog instead.

  9. Congrats! Heading over.

    I read too many spoilers....I know too much.

  10. So choked up by DA this week . . . I just wanted Sybil and Branson to have a nice little happy family together. I knew as soon as the doctors started arguing that someone was not going to make it. :(

    And then I bit the bullett and googled the characters for the rest of the season because I don't want to be surprised like that again. Yes, I am a weirdo, and no do not do what I did. You will thank me, unless you are a weirdo like me.

    Congrats on your nominations!! :)

  11. I almost read through this post and then had to stop abruptly at Downton! Apparently, something went DOWN on this weeks episode and I only just finished the Christmas special. It is nearly impossible to stay in the dark when you are a day late to every tv party!


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