Sunday, March 24, 2013

WIWS and My First Cara Box

We went to Palm Sunday Mass on Saturday evening.  My boys served and Andrew even got to hold the holy water and walk around the church with Monsignor as he blessed our palms.  Andrew was very excited about this.  Unfortunately, I missed it because I was in the bathroom changing a certain someone's poopy diaper.  

Phil snapped about 15 pictures of me in about 1.2 minutes before we ran out the door to Mass.  13 of them were completely awkward poses (who am I kidding, this whole thing is so awkward, especially with a hubby who yells "Work it!  Work it!") I should just grab my jacket and cross my legs?

Can't have a WIWS without HOTH (Hands On The Hips)

Let's start from the bottom up:


St. John's Bay via JC Penney (back when JC Penney sold St. John's Bay for women)

Tank Tops: 
I don't know, but the blousy one was definitely bought with months 2-4 of pregnancy and the indefinite postpartum period in mind.  I'm still stuck there and my youngest is 20 months old.

But the new item and one of my favorite finds because I had been searching for one for SOOOOO jean jacket!  From Kohl's (on sale and with coupon, it was less than $25!)

Bargain, Baby!

I can't wait to wear this jacket with some cute spring dresses once it actually FEELS LIKE SPRING!  Sorry, but I had to yell loud enough for Mother Nature to hear.

Lenten funny...Xander loves to point out all the Jesus' he can find and blow Him kisses.  Normally church is his Jesus playhouse.  But they were all covered with purple clothes for Holy Week, and poor Xander was so upset trying to uncover the crucifix ("Jesus?  Where Jesus go?") on the cry room wall.

After Mass we had my parents over for dinner, which consisted of my favorite comfort food: pot roast and mashed potatoes and gravy.  I roasted some cauliflower and asparagus too, but those aren't on my comfort food list.  No veggies make the cut!

Then we ate the most wonderful French Silk Chocolate Pie:
It looked prettier before I dug in.
 I got the recipe from America's Test Kitchen via this site, and even though it's time consuming, it was so so so good!  Add it to your Easter brunches and your family will thank you.

The birthday girl was pleased.  Her main squeeze is happy too, he just doesn't know it :)

Now that's what I'm talkin' about.
 Also (gosh this turned into a long post) I got my Cara Box from Corie!  

Thank you Corie, you are so sweet and my kids were even more excited than I was!!
This month's theme was to send things with the first letter of your recipient's name.  So I got my some awesome "C" things: 
Cadbury Creme Eggs are my absolute favorite Easter candy!!!!
If you want to participate in next month's Cara Box, head to Kaitlyn's blog and sign up.  

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  1. Your denim jacket is lovely! I've been scouring the Internet for one lately. Now I need to go to Kohl's.

    That cake looks delicious by the way. Yum!

  2. I love your tank top combo. The pop of yellow is awesome.
    (that picture of Xander at the end is cracking me up)

  3. That pie look so amazing, right now! I am jealous ;-) And that is one mean jean jacket! Really cute.

  4. 1. That pie looks amazing.

    2. I really like your shoes! And the pop of color with your tank top.

    3. I have been yelling at Mother Nature a lot lately as well.

    4. I totally understand the posing issue. I told my husband I was just going to 'stand at attention' like he did in the military, and then he reminded me that you're not allowed to smile in that stance. HOTH it is!

  5. I always enjoy your posts, make me smile! Your dinner sounds wonderful and the pie...amazing! That last picture of your little one? Adorable! Have a happy Holy Week, friend!

    P.S. love your outfit!

  6. You're so funny! (Work it! Work it! I laughed out loud when I read that.) I feel so awkward posing for these WIWS pics, too. I only learned the HOTH trick after watching one of my son's girlfriends, who always poses that way for the camera--and she always looks so good in pictures. I never used to know what in the world to do with my hands and I always looked ridiculous.

    Your outfit is adorable today. There's nothing like a cute jean jacket!

  7. You look so cute! I've never seen anything as cute as Zander with the chocolate face; yum!

  8. Great outfit but I agree will look amazing with sundresses.
    Cake and comfort food, most excellent!

  9. Love the jean jacket!!! I am going to be scouring the racks for one as well, as soon as move someplace where it's actually cool enough to wear it!

  10. Love that jean jacket. I kniw you'll get a lot of use out if that. That pie looks delish! My husband would love it but as soon as he gets back from this latest business trip to Ireland its all salads and no sweets for us.

  11. Love the jacket! i also love that my husband is not the only one who is yelling "work it, work it" as he takes my photos. LOL!

  12. That top is fabulous. I always have a hard time finding blousy tops that are not too low cut or ones without that shelf bra-thingy. I like this though!

  13. So bright and fresh! Love it!

  14. So nice and bright and fresh! Love it! :)

  15. Every closet should have a denim jacket. That's awesome you got yours for such a steal! Cute outfit.

  16. Love the outfit! The pie looks amazing too! Thanks for the link to the Cara box. I totally signed up to do it. It sounds like so much fun.

  17. We are flowy top twins! I heart, heart, heart my denim jacket. You will wear that forever!!!

  18. I was changing poop at the beginning of Mass too. (what a coincidence!--Happens quite often--he poops after breakfast)

    You always look great.
    The pie looks yummy.

  19. Okay, you look great! love the shirt and love that you shop at jc penny, which is a regular stomping ground for me. And also you are definitely not in postpartum dressing!! I am there, and you are DEFINITELY not. You look amazing!! oh and i want a slice of that pie :).


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