Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Five Faves

Joining Hallie for some weekly favorites, because, ya know, linkups are my favorite!


Today my kids are allowed to wear a Boston sports team shirt in solidarity for the tragedies at the Boston Marathon.  I hate to see terrible tragedies like this, and haven't even talked about it yet even though it was soooo close to home.  Too close, actually.

The city that's right next to our town, and where my kids go to school, was being blasted all over the news because that's where police went to question the terrorist's friends.  The town where we work is the same town where he attended college.  The gas station where we always buy our gas caught him on the security camera after the bombing.  He was lurking all around our area after committing the evil.  My brother works at MIT where a security guard was shot execution style in the same building as his office.  Everything was on lockdown around here, and I am so so glad we were away the week it happened.

But this is about favorites - and my favorite thing is seeing the way people support one another, donate time and energy and money, come back to their prayer lives, realize what's most important in life, etc. in the wake of terrible news like this.

 Ok, that was heavy.  How about something light?  Like the greek yogurt I love to eat:

Friends getting pregnant!  Four of my real life friends are all expecting together.  It makes me so happy and sort of kind of maybe want to join in ;)

Scooters.  Totally worth their money for years and years.  Easier to put in the car than a bike and my kids learned how to use them much younger than a two wheeler.  We brought the boy's scooters on our vacation, and they were on them  I just ordered Maggie a pink one because she felt very left out and kept stealing her brother's.

Today is Administrative Professional's Day, and some of my favorite people work in that field :)  Make sure you tell the Administrative Professionals that you know to have a happy day!


  1. I posted something on 'the facebook' the other day that really spoke to me. It said something to the effect of, "when things like this happen, quotes always talk about religion. They were 'religious extremists'. 'Religion' was their motivation'. What they never say is the people that ran TO the site instead of away, were most likely motivated by religion'. The hundreds of thousands of acts of beauty were most likely, 'motivated by religion'. There is so much good"
    It comforted me.

  2. oooh, scooters. You may have just given me the perfect birthday present for my twin boys -- they will be 5 in a few weeks.

    Your boys are super handsome and super sweet in their Boston attire.

  3. Oh, I thought of you SO much through the whole Boston tragedy, wondering how you were doing. I'd imagine feeling kind of numb. And then fearful. Then looking at everyone at those places you mentioned every time now, even though he's caught, wondering what they are REALLY like.

    SO happy you are safe.

    We have loved our scooters fact they are so used, I'm amazed they still work. My 10 year old likes to unicycle and ripstik (it's a wobbly skateboard)but the rest like to use scooters on our walks. (except my 3 year old...she wants to walk)

    My husband loves that yogurt too.

    I keep waiting for your baby news....

  4. Oh wow, thanks for sharing the info about the Marathon bombings. Way too close to home for all of you! I kept thinking about you guys while following on the news each day and am glad you all are okay.
    I just love reading your posts!

  5. Thank you for reminding me that I LOVE SCOOTERS! Forget buying them for the kids, I want one!

  6. Great list! Haven't tried that yogurt but in general like greek yogurt. Got Lisbeth a scooter for birthday and she has been having great fun.

  7. I say join your friends! My kids LOVE scooters too!

  8. We are a scooter family also! good times!

    crossing my fingers there will be news news that is.

  9. Scooters are the best! We go on family walks a lot and they are perfect for kids that are too old for the stroller but too young to walk at an adult pace (because I'm so impatient, I hate walking slow).

  10. You mentioning all of the Boston connections gave me chills. Way too close to home. God bless Boston. God bless America.

    We've been talking about getting our 7 year-old a scooter because she still can't ride a 2 wheeler. I think the scooter helps them learn to balance.

  11. So so glad your sweet family was away when all of that happend! I can only imagine how hard it must still be to deal with. Big hugs!


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