Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Weekend Getaway

Saturday Morning:
Heading out on the road 

We stopped at a halfway point to visit my brother, sister-in-law, and their adorable kids.  Of course, I took no pictures because I am a bad blogger.  In fact, all of these pics are from my phone because I left my real camera at home!!  Oy vey!

Saturday afternoon:
Loved this sign! 
Make your own sundae bar - a quick deviation from our route! 

DIANO! (Xander speak)

Loved this sign too!

An introvert's dream house!

We didn't realize the inn would feed us breakfast.  Score!
 We went to Mass at Our Lady of the Mountains, and then into North Conway's cute town to see what we could find....
Zeb's country store speaks proper English like me!

Sugar and A Bear

Time for a playground.

There was some kind of Memorial weekend tent festival going on in the background, but it was sooooo cold, we didn't even wander over.
We took the kids to a Weather Station, because it was indoors and we had a half hour to kill before lunch/nap time:

Outside the Weather Center

J-P has to really concentrate (hence tongue out) to point to MA like a meteorologist.

Trying to blow the air at the target.

Nap Time!  AKA the best time of the day :)

Sunday Afternoon in Storyland!

As soon as we pulled into the Storyland parking lot, Xander threw up and as I changed him, I realized he felt warm.  Phil dropped me and the four older kids off to play with Cari and Ken and family and then went back to the inn to take care of Xander (bath, tylenol, nap) before picking us up at closing time.

Alice in Wonderland

The Polar Coaster

Thank God for Cari...Ken and I don't go on "spinny rides".

My future occupation. 

Meanwhile, back at the inn....
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse therapy.

Later that night...he was happy to get some ice cream!

After feeding ice cream to all the kids (thanks, Donaldsons!) Cari and I stayed up chatting while the men rested after a long day of child wrangling.  It was awesome.

On Monday morning, we headed down to breakfast, and Xander threw up again right on the floor in front of all the families eating.  Breakfast with a side of reality, yes please.

Watching Dad pack up the car.

On the way back to Storyland, we saw snow covered mountains.  It snowed on Memorial Day!

Someone, ahem, thought that the park opened at 9:00 but once we were all  in line at 8:45 we realized it didn't open until 9:30.  Whoops!

First ride of the day...antique cars.

Xander had a rough day...alternating between feeling okay if his fever was down and being fussy and sleeping in the stroller.  He was also ONE inch too short to go on the majority of the rides (you need to be 36 inches for most rides) so we will need to go back when he's bigger.

The ball dome was a favorite.

First train ride.


John Luke and Maggie taking a tractor ride.

Phil and I would alternate between watching Xander and riding with the older kids:
Cari loved the panda's faces on the flume ride.


It was a gorgeous but chilly day.

Cari and I took a spin before we left.  I won't tell you who was hunched over like a scaredycat by the end of the ride.  But it rhymes with marry.

Storyland 2013
We all said goodbye and left around 2 pm.  Our ride home was pretty eventful as Phil got pulled over for going 70 in a 55.  He explained he thought it was 65 and apologized to the state trooper and got off with a warning.  
Then he turned to me and said "And I didn't even have to cry".  Stinker.

We ran out of cash for a toll, and have to mail it in.  Amateurs, we are.

We got home in 4 hours, made dinner, unpacked, gave the baby some more medicine and all the kids a bath, watched the first new episode of Arrested Development (so good!) and crashed like the party animals we are.  It was perfect - a weekend full of family fun, wonderful friends, and eating so much junk food that I feel terrible now - yup, perfect!


  1. Ken's dying that you ran out of money for tolls. He said, "AGAIN?!?!"
    We had a blast with you guys. And guess what? There's left over cotton candy in my van. Figures.

  2. What a fun weekend!!! Enjoyed the photos and thoughts of a fantastic (minus throwing up poor Xander) weekend. Ours was just an at-home one where we did random little things and tried to get over our zombie-like existance of the last week. ;)

    ps...I hope you bought one of those huge pb cups and ate it for me. YUM.

  3. Blogger heaven, all of it! Except the sick baby, but really, that just adds some drama. That place looks like so much fun, more my pace than big theme parks. Do you know we have never been to Disney? All the kids have with friends or their school, but my husband and I really have a hard time with theme parks.

    And I have GOT to ask, was the officer a woman? ;)

  4. sounds like so much fun. Cute pics. Loved the one of xander sleeping in the stroller. Anyway, side note: I always thought you said Cari like Car-ee until you said rhymes with marry....I was like who Is THAT??? Who rhymes with marry??? Duhhh. I had NO idea you were actually care-ee. Lol. I have a friend with the same name and she is a car-ee...same spelling too. Sorry, Cari for mis-pronouncing your name in my thoughts :). But, looks like a great time otherwise.

    1. When we were in high school, my then-boyfriend, now-husband used to pronounce it "Car-ee" just to tease me. So you're not alone!

  5. What a fun trip!! What fun memories you've made for your whole family! SO, did you have one of those PB cups? (nice, that's the only question I have for you, a chocolate one)

  6. I love all the pics! Sorry Xander got so sick - it looks like it was really fun otherwise! The kids are getting so old!

  7. Looks like a great weekend - esp all the ice cream treats but minus the vomits! :(

  8. Dude, that old lady is a squatter! I am the one who lives in the shoe!

    Looks like lots of fun -- well, maybe minus the puking, but you can't have it all, I guess. ;-)

  9. Hope Xander is feeling better!
    Okay so now between you and Cari I'm very childhood homesick and now have to figure out how to convince my totally beach not mountain husband that on our way to Maine this summer we should detour to North Conway.

    Loving all the pictures and how Phil talked his way out of a ticket. EZ PASS for the win!!

  10. Sounds like a great weekend! I hope Xander feels better soon.

  11. Ahhhh!!!! Sickness while traveling... Huge fear of mine!!!! Sounds like you survived it though : )

  12. Phil got out of a speeding ticket!!?? Way to go!

    Looks like good times!
    Lots of smiles in the pics.

    and..time spent with friends! Jealous!

  13. poor sweet Xander! I hope he's feeling better now! and jealous -- the whole thing looks so fun!

  14. Looks like you all, minus Xander, had a blast! I'm glad I got to read Cari's version and yours. It's a great example of POV in writing. :)

  15. Fun!! Poor Xander. :( Glad everyone else stayed healthy though!
    And I neeeed a wicked big peanut butter cup.

  16. What a fun weekend! :)


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