Tuesday, July 30, 2013

5 Faves: Races and Faces, Toes and Shows

Runs for GREAT Causes.
Katie and I

If I'm going to pay $25 to run a race, why wouldn't I choose a race where money gets donated to an awesome non-profit like Little Flowers?  This is a virtual race, hosted by Katie for the second year, which means you can run/walk/crawl it wherever no matter where you live!  Just click here to register to make sure you get a cute t-shirt too!

Encouraging Class Instructors

I'm talking fitness class instructors.  There's a couple of big muscly men instructors at our gym that "negatively" encourage us all by telling us things like: 
"Picture the girl who stole your boyfriend away and knock her out!" 
"Kick him in the face!"  
It makes sense, since they are kickboxing instructors, but I usually just laugh instead of getting more intense.  

But there's one woman whose "positive" encouragement I love so much that I take every spin, step, weight class she offers when I can fit it into my schedule.  She's not plain old encouraging...she challenges us to push ourselves every time by saying things like:
"Why did you come here today? To lose weight?  Get healthy?  Then MOVE!"
"You've got two legs, a healthy body, a willing spirit...now ride!"
"Go a little longer/faster/harder than yesterday!"
"Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself you can do it!"
and my personal favorite...
"Some of us have 5 kids and we're here working it out...no excuses!" (as she smiles at me)

Anyway, it's the reason I love group fitness, when you find someone that can encourage and challenge you to work out at your peak level, you leave feeling so good.

Pedicures with a Friend.

The perfect way to reward your hard workouts, have a girl's night out, and smile every time you look down.


This feels so light and cool on summer skin.  I love it!  I even put it on my kids sometimes after their shower (just don't tell the boys in their classes!)

Now I need help coming up with a new favorite TV show to watch.  We have Netflix, and have gotten caught up on everything we know of.  Anything you all are into that we may not have heard about?

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  1. AnonymousJuly 30, 2013

    There's a show about midwives you might like. "Call the Midwife" I think. I've been wanting to check it out but haven't had time. I also watched Xena Warrior Princess and Star Trek Deep Space Nine. The Tudors is really good too, but it has some nudity and language being from HBO. I recently got caught up in the Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated series with Clark. It's a fun cartoon. A great movie to watch is Gosford Park. It is one of my British favorites.

  2. I will never ever join you in the gym, Colleen. But a pedicure? Now you're speaking my language! ; )

  3. I have that same shirt in your first picture. We are so much alike :).

    I too love finding an encouraging instructor. Maybe you should become one!

  4. We just started Prison Break. Legend of the Seeker is good, Fringe, re-watch Lost...What type of show are you looking for?

  5. My husband and I really enjoyed House of Cards. We just started Prison Break and so far so good. We love internet TV watching but when you run out of stuff it's the WORST. Especially with all of the laying down I have to do! PS, adorable picture-I can't wait to do the race next year!

  6. We're going to do the race, too! We've been watching Suits which is a USA network legal drama show and like it. I don't know if it's on Netflix. We've been watching it on a website that may or may not be legal...but not sure I want to know ...

  7. We are just caught up on Falling Skies.

    My all time favorite was Prison Break. And Heroes.

    MN Mom is doing a weigh in Wed today kind of ties in with your post...

  8. I have that same top from Targret and love it! A pedicure sounds wonderful right about now - hope you enjoyed yours!

  9. I have that same top from Targret and love it! A pedicure sounds wonderful right about now - hope you enjoyed yours!

  10. Thanks for sharing about the run! And, I love postive instructors too. I am into workout DVDs right now and I love Chalene Johnson. She is awesome!

    If I watched TV, I would give you some good ones, but I do not get to watch much, so I have no suggestions :-)

  11. The Middle! and Masterchef are our family's favorites!

  12. AnonymousJuly 31, 2013

    Little Flowers is an awesome charity and I love the idea of a virtual 5K (so no one can see how slow I really run). I think I might do that.

  13. Better check out the virtual 5K to join in cuz then I'm committed, but no one around here knows I'm running for a cause. lol.
    I've had 1 pedi my whole life. For real. I better stay away lest I get addicted. I tend to really enjoy things that other people do for me that make me feel good (possibly even better about myself). Oh wait, did you just think I was talking about something else and not hair color/pedi related? ;)
    We love, love, love, Person of Interest and the Mentalist.

  14. You better not go without me! I didn't text you back, but I'll explain why over a pedi ...you know I always have stories to tell ;)

  15. Yes! Call the Midwife! Janet recommended it!

  16. Oh my gosh #3 made me laugh out loud!!! Hilariously true. And you've probably already heard about it but I highly recommend Downton Abbey :)


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