Saturday, August 31, 2013

7 Quick Takes: Inside Me Lives...

This baby is turning me into someone I don't even recognize.  I have some theories as to exactly what kind of person is growing within that is making me all crazy:

A Renaissance Painter
He keeps telling me to lay around all day getting paler and fatter by the minute, just so I can be his muse.

A 40 year old jobless, video-game-playing, living in his parent's basement, good -for-nothing "grown-up".
At least I have a little buddy to keep me company.

He keeps encouraging my lazy behaviors in this first trimester.  
Don't want to clean the house or cook dinner?  Don't worry, Mom Phil will do it for you.

A producer from The Biggest Loser.

Because honestly, all of this non-exercising, no motivation, and junk food craving I've been doing is going to end me up on the show. 

A salt lick.

I am thirsty all the time.  All.the.time.

An anti-blogger.  

Because when I have some free time to possibly write a blog post, pretty much anything else sounds like more fun.  Thank God there are so many of you out there that do it better than I.

A Negative Nancy.

I really really don't like the crabbiness side effect of the pregnancy hormones, so I try to look at this chart when I get whiny:

My baby!

As stupid as it sounds, sometimes I forget that inside of me is a living growing baby girl or boy!  All of this laziness and crankiness and cravings and weight gain is actually happening for an awesome reason.  And I can't wait until the roller coaster of the 1st trimester is over to enjoy the 2nd trimester ride.  

Neither can the rest of my family :)


  1. Totally normal . . . you should have seen me during my pregnancy with Baby. No, on second thought, you should be happy you didn't know me in person then.

    Hang in there!

  2. Love this! Hang in there. Sick mama, healthy baby!

  3. Um, okay, I'm dying! So funny!
    And you are so not anti-blog! Give yourself a break there - we'd all miss you if you went away for a couple of weeks, but it could help you with resting like you should (easier said than done). It's a good excuse and you've got to use the pregnancy card while you can! I'm sure Phil doesn't think you are milking it for all it's worth ;)
    Happy Saturday.

  4. Aww hugs! Hope the first trimester yuckiness passes quickly for you! And, remember, you've done this 5 times before without ending up on the Biggest I'm sure you won't this time...and after your sweet babe is born, you'll go back to being super-exercising, healthy-eating Colleen.

  5. Well at least you are still funny when you are pregnant. LMFannyO. Hysterically so. I know, at your expense. Sorry Bestie. I promise, you can do it to me IF ever I am pregnant again. You poor girl. At least Xander looks like he's a good couch buddy.

    {Hugs} to you and baby Martini.

  6. Haha, I feel you. Pregnancy is a doozy. Glad you have the hope of 2nd trimester!

  7. so funny but so true. i am the same way during the first trimester. i think it is especially hard for people like us that like to be productive and exercise.

  8. You are too funny~ Hope this passes soon hang in there!!!

  9. Oh, you are so funny!!! I hope it gets easier. XO

  10. I am SO excited for you! I read this post several days ago on my iPad but it wouldn't let me leave a comment. Trying to comment on this post using my iPad was like trying to keep a moth in a jar without a lid. It was possible but extremely frustrating. Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS! Since I have been away from the blogging world (just busy-ness), I don't keep up on good news like this, like I ought to. Maybe someday when I'm not chasing a baby around fishing stuff out of his mouth, I'll be better about reading blogs again! But it's not about me--I'm just "babbling" because I'm excited for YOU!! Yay for babies!!!


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