Tuesday, October 29, 2013

He Said, She Said

The difference between girls and boys.

Upon walking into a room where Phil and I were hugging...

Eamon: Can you guys wait until I leave to do that stuff?

Maggie: Ooooh, can I get in the middle of the kissing part?

Happy Baby.
We discovered that on the weekends, Alexander is mostly a dream child because he gets 4 hour naps.  He is in such a happy mood when he wakes up...

Me: As a special treat for praying for the babies, we're getting Frosty's after dinner!
Xander:  Oooh, Frosty's?  I love it! 
(He's never even had a Frosty)

 I gave Xander a banana muffin...
Xander: This is so really really TASTY! 
(It cracks me up that he uses that adjective as a 2 year old)

Xander wanted to walk on the wall at the park...
"I almost there..."

Not quite, little buddy.

Whenever we try to get Alexander to scream in fright...
Kids: Boo!
Xander (big smile): You scared me! (But he never screams!)

He Likes Older Women.
"I can't wait to show Mrs. C my funny shirt!"
We think J-P has a crush on his 5th grade teacher...
J-P (arriving at school): There's Mrs. C!  (Jumping out of the car and waving frantically) Hi Mrs. C!
Me: Is that her son with her?
J-P: Yeah.
Me: Wow, he's tall.
J-P: No, Mrs. C is just really petite.  (Pause) It's ok, she likes to be called that.

Future Entrepreneurs.

Andrew: Mom, your meatballs are the best.  
Xander: You da best cooker!
Andrew: You should open up a restaurant!
Eamon: Yeah, and call it Colleen's Diner.  And we could have (stops to count chairs) 12 people come eat here.
Me: Well then where would you all eat?
Eamon: Who cares?  They would give us money!


  1. "Not quite little buddy." Ha! That one made me chuckle. And do share the meatball recipe!

    1. Me too! I snort-laughed at that one.

  2. Ha! I love them all -- but especially J-P's crush. Bun had a huge crush on his pre-K teacher last year. He saw her in the hallway this year, and after looking her over, said to her: "Hey, Miss F., I love the shoes! They look really good!" Saints, preserve me from this child! :)

  3. those are funny. I laughed at "almost there"-- love his spirit of determination.

  4. I'd like to make a reservation, please...

  5. I'm with Beth, I want the meatball recipe!

  6. My kids call our "restaurant" "Mama's Kitchen"!! Funny how kids think the same things isn't it? (about their mama's cooking)

    Loved the "almost there" one best, that little Xander, he melts my heart!!

  7. Xander is cracking me up! Love it :)

  8. I'm with Eamon...who cares where you all eat if people give you money

    (And, I want the meatball recipe too). .

  9. Those Xander quotes are priceless. They make me miss having toddlers in my house. :)


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