Tuesday, February 25, 2014

35 Things

John-Paul and I are having birthdays today!!  He loves to tell people that he was my favorite birthday present, and he's 100% right :)

We'll be partying with him tonight, so for now, may I present 35 random facts about moi (because I'm cough35nowcough), interspersed with pictures from Sunday, which was the day we celebrated mon anniversaire.

1. I still feel like I'm about 27 or 28.

2. But I tell people I'm 29, and have trained my children to do likewise.

3. I laugh at potty humor alongside my boys.

4. I don't have any gray hairs, that I know of, but maybe my hairdresser is just really generous with the highlights.

5. I listen to pop/hip-hop/rap music.

6. My favorite time of day is naptime.  Unfortunately, working gets in the way.

7. Bedtime is at 9:30, if I'm not already asleep on the couch before then.  And I have to sleep with a sound machine playing white noise and a pillow between my knees.

8. My husband is only 33, and I hate feeling 2 years older than him until his next birthday.  Not that he rubs it in or anything ;)

9. I'm still afraid of the dark.

10. I enjoy fast food french fries more than an adult woman should.

11. Sometimes I put myself in timeouts.

12. I read Hollywood gossip magazines any chance I get.  Which is every time I work out on the treadmill or elliptical at the gym.

13. J.T. is my crush.  But only for his talent.

14. I have way too many boy band songs on my iPod.

15. I blush and/or tear up pretty much every day.

16. When I get sick, I still want my Mom.

17. I look at all my kids and think "How did we get here???"

18. I pretend to treat the kids with ice cream or pancakes for dinner, but we all know who really wants the treat.

19. I try to be the teacher's pet in my group aerobics classes.  Once a brown-noser, always a brown-noser.

20. I don't always finish my vegetables and I kinda hate leftovers.

21. I don't like end or corner pieces of anything.

22. I don't really understand the stock market and investing.  Yet I have an accounting degree and an MBA, so embarrassing.

23. I love getting presents, like this amazing package that Mary sent me (and she didn't even know it was my birthday, what great timing!!!!)

She really should start a business called Pregnancy Packages or Birth Boxes or Smile Piles or something much much better than that, because this gift was perfection with a capital p.

24. Trader Joe's is my favorite :)  

25. My other favorite is what's in this little brown bag...

26. I love my bloggy friends, or as I should say, my friends.  You guys make me smile every day.

27. This also makes me smile (see #13):

28. My day is ALWAYS better if I can get to Mass or Adoration or say the Rosary - yet I still find excuses not to.

29. My favorite meal is Chicken Cordon Bleu with rice and pea pods (especially when Phil makes it once a year for me!):

30. I do not drink milk or orange juice.  

31. Completely related, my Mom made us drink both every day.  (Love ya Mom!)

32. I've been paying into Social Security (aka working) since I was 12.  That's what having a family business will do to a kid.

33. I always think I prefer to stay home at night, but on the occasions I do go out, I dare say I enjoy it.

34. Pedicures are such a welcomed treat, no matter what the reason or season.  Made even better when shared with a good friend who gives it as a birthday gift!

35. I can't wait to meet this baby!!!!  But y'all already knew that :)


  1. Happy birthday! This list confirms that we have more in common than I thought. I too have no idea what to do with anything investing related, I love me some JTimberlake and boy bands in general (my go to work out music), and chicken cordon bleu has been my favorite dinner since I was about 5. I'll take it served anyway (from the fanciest to the prepackaged frozen kind).

  2. Happy Birthday, you young thing!
    And you will ALWAYS feel like you are 27 or 28. Promise.
    Party it up, girlfriend! : )

  3. Happy birthday to you! Wishing you abundant blessings in this next year of life!

  4. Happy Birthday, Bloggy Soulmate! So creepy how much we are alike. Hope it's a great!

  5. Happy birthday to you and John-Paul! I hope you have an awesome day! :) 35 will be a great year with the new baby!!

  6. Yea! Hope you have a day that's as wonderful as you are - wait, that's not possible!
    Miss you, and II swear we just celebrated our 30th!

  7. Happy Birthday (to both you and John Paul)!

    35 is young...really, I promise it is (says the 36-year old!)

    #18...Can totally relate to that one! And, to #30!

  8. Happy birthday to you and John-Paul! #20 I don't do leftovers so we make itsy small meals and if there's anything left it becomes lunch food for Husband to take to work.

  9. Great list!
    Happy, happy birthday to you and JP!!

  10. Happy Birthday to you and John Paul!!! I love your list. And my kids and husband love to give me a hard time about how much I like One Direction!

  11. Happy birthday, Colleen! I hope it's a wonderfully blessed day & year!
    P.S. From September-January each year, there's 2 years between my husband's age & mine, and I also hate that. Annnd french fries are such a guilty pleasure for me, too!

  12. Happy birthday to you and John Paul! P.S. When I'm sick, I just want my mom too!!! :)

  13. Wait, what's in the brown bag? What am I missing??
    Happy Birthday to you and your son! Have a blessed year!

    1. Mary believes in having a shot of whiskey or glass of wine when labor starts...best doula ever!

    2. Thanks, that's what I was thinking but the bag looked too small. I can picture you now in labor with one of those stretchy bands around your belly to hold the baby monitor AND your flask!

  14. What a great list!! Happy birthday to you and your wonderful gift of a boy.
    Just wait till you find a grey eyebrow hair. Yikes!

  15. We are more alike than I thought! Except I stay up later and like drinking milk. :) Happiest birthday to you and your boy!!

  16. What an awesome list!!
    Happy birthday, dang it, I already went to Mass, I would have offered my Mass for you....God bless you!

    No corner pieces of anything for me either...everyone knows when I make cornbread (only in a little 8x8pan) I get the middle piece..there's only one and it's MINE!!

    Enjoy your day!

  17. Happy birthday, Colleen! Always love finding out more about you too :) Prayers for you today!

  18. Happy Birthday YOUNGSTER!! I am going on 46...so that would be 11yrs OLDer then you. God Bless your day! Hope you celebrated...sure you did. You and your hubs and kids know how to have fun.

  19. Happy, happy birthday, my friend! You are blessed and you know it -- which is a great combo! :) Enjoy your day and many prayers for you and John-Paul today.

  20. Happy birthday Colleen and John-Paul ! This list had me cracking up and relating to so many of your random facts.

  21. First, again, Happy Birthday to the bestest friend I've never met. Happy birthday to John-Paul too. I hope you two have had the best birthday day and fun celebrating this evening.

    Ok, now your list. Oh.my.goodness. No wonder we are buddies!! I could have written a good portion of this list myself. We are like sistas. Or something. Except that I do have mucho grays, I do look 35 and feel it (sigh) and my husband is *gasp* 8.5 yrs older than me. Not that I'm counting. But hey, Marijanna and I like our mature men, so don't you be bashing us. ;)

    That package looks super duper amazing. I better get my thinking cap on for Martini's arrival. Dang, I better get working!

    Happy, happy birthday!! May this year be another amazing one!

    1. That's right (on the older men) tell her sistah!

  22. Happy Birthday! This was a great list, Colleen. :)

  23. Happy Birthday! Such a fun list. Love your blog!

  24. Happy Birthday! We have so many funny things in common. :)

  25. I, um, well of COURSE I knew it was your birthday!!! Or I just got me some impeccable timing :) Hope it's all enjoyed!
    Happy birthday to you both!

  26. You are the greatest Colleen, if I had to pick a favorite...#17.

    Happy, Happy Birthday!

  27. You're so fun. But you already know I think that! Ok... I'm totally behind on a birthday gift!!! You KNOW I'm sossosososoososooso bad at birthdays... ugh. I saw your toesies and was like, Ack! Who'd she go with? Then I was like, of course, Laura... well, ok, she's awesome so it's alright. No one look at my feet, though.


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