Friday, March 7, 2014

7QT with Some of my Favorite Funny People

There are so many days that I don't have time to snack between meals, and even more days that I don't eat meat, but when Ash Wednesday comes and it's all of a sudden a requirement, I'm all "Gimme meat and snacks!":

It's getting a little bit overwhelming preparing for this baby and my maternity leave.  Mostly the maternity leave, the baby doesn't need much in terms of preparation.  There's notes to leave and people to train and lots of very important things to think about that need to be done by others while I'm away.  Oh and then there's that hospital bag and the kid's overnight bags that still need packing, and the house to keep clean, and the legs to keep shaved, and the fridge to keep full, and wow does my bed look super comfy...

As the due day is getting closer (16 days!), this is Phil's job:

Today is First Friday and it's also the 9th First Friday since my Pastor motivated/challenged us to complete the Nine First Friday Novena.  The promises from this novena are awesome and I can't believe we actually were able to accomplish it!!  The coolest part is that back on the 1st First Friday in July, I was pregnant but didn't know it yet, and now I'm about to give birth, so this novena completely lined up with these 9 months of pregnancy.  So amazing, it makes me want to do a happy dance:

My one and only craving this whole time has been cottage cheese, I would eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner if I could.  Then all of a sudden this week, cottage cheese tastes nasty to me.  Phil says "so you've come back to reality now" (because everybody else thinks cottage cheese is gross).  Is he right?

I got my first mean comment this week.  I don't mind comments that disagree or try to convince me of something, but this one was just mean, written by the oh-so-brave Anonymous telling me to get a tubal ligation because we had too many kids.  

I was mad, then sad, then all:

To everyone who is asking me if I'm ready, if anything is happening, if I have any feelings as to when the baby is going to come, if I have a premonition of the gender...I have to say:

As my midwife just told me at the last appointment "babies come on their birthday".

I do know everyone means well and is just being nice and supportive, truly I do and I do the same thing to my pregnant friends :)

Have a wonderful Spring Ahead weekend everybody!


  1. Jim Gaffigan, that's called 1PM at my house every day.

  2. #1--so true, that always seems to happen to me on fast days. What is the deal with that?

    I love your little videos--all winners.

    Good luck when the time comes--prayers for a speedy delivery!

  3. OHHHHHHHHHHHH crap Anonymous. That's bold. I would probably be sad, then mad, then "meh" but right now, since it hasn't happened to me, I'd like to say I'd laugh at their ridiculousness. I wish I could go around anonymously giving people health advice. Particularly bogus health advice. meh meh meh

    Sooo are you SOOO ready to have this baby or what? ;) In all seriousness, Michael was born right before 39 weeks and I felt totally unprepared and wanted another week but now I'm thinking I'd like all my babies to come at 39 weeks if they're ready to. I fear what I'll be like at 40 weeks let alone 41 or 42. Sooo yeah, when my time comes, let's not talk about it either.

  4. Eh, haters gonna hate. We loves ya and all those kids!

    And yes, cottage cheese is gross. I'm sorry, I've tried it multiple times over the years and I just can't do it. I think it's the texture for me. My sister, on the other hand, eats it like it's going out of style, so there are people out there who are firmly in Camp Cottage Cheese.

  5. This had me cracking up!
    And the nine first Friday's Novena coincidence is awesome!!!
    I can't wait to meet the babe and hope you enjoy the next few weeks, cottage cheese free, too! (and I love cottage cheese as well)

  6. I'm with Phil. Cottage cheese is disgusting! And don't you love how Anonymous always has do many opinions. Anonymous needs some prayers said on their behalf!

  7. Re: brave anonymous of #6, I love your #wewontstop answer!! I have a good friend who is on baby #4in 4 years of marriage and they announced their pregnancy with that same tag line. It isn't anyone's business how many children you are blessed with! (Well I can think of one whose business it is, but he knows what he's doing so...) you guys obviously love your children mightily and do right by them, so #dontstop! :)

    My midwife is a big "babies come on their birthdays" sayer too, but I'm a control fan (not freak, just a fan of it.. :)) and always try ALLLLL the ways to get the baby out :) best luck, you're in our prayers!

  8. Please please please can we have video of you doing that happy dance nine months pregnant? No? I love this post so much. Thank you for making me laugh!

  9. Love that you made it through 9 Fridays - so neat! I really want to do that someday, and what perfect timing! Sorry for the mean comment :(

  10. That's so cool that your First Friday Novena coincided with the 9 months of pregnancy. And, just so that you know, I"m totally rooting for you have a St. Paddy's day or St. Joseph's Day baby.

    And, I'm with Phil. Plain cottage cheese is nasty. Although I do like it on things (like waffles, baked potatoes, etc.) but I hate it plain and double hate it with fruit.

  11. I love cottage cheese! Nobody else does in my family so it never makes it in the cart! boo to Anon...

    happy friday and still cannot wait for baby to come~!!!!

  12. So sorry to hear you are of the cottage cheese train. I maintain that it is ermazing, especially when mixed with applesauce. Don't judge.

  13. I love cottage cheese. Especially in the summer with some fresh fruit. And #6?? What??? Someone actually wrote that? You make beautiful babies, and I can't wait to see pics of the newest one.

  14. this is so great! i think that cottage cheese is only good with peaches.

  15. Great post and vids! I've always found the list for the kids' caretakers and the packing and planning pre-baby birth to be almost more work than labor. Almost. I wish I was there to swoop in to help clean house and make a few meals. Perhaps I could do it while I give Mr/Miss Anon a good talking to.

    You'll be ready when it's time. And baby will be too. I'll keep on praying!

  16. I'm the EXACT same way with fasting on fast days. I'm so pathetic; such a baby. My last pregnancy, I craved beer and salad. ??? For sure I thought it was a boy - because of the whole beer thing.

  17. I meant to add...just laugh off the "mean comments". Seriously. I just remembered a story my mom shared with me. After I was born, #5, my dad's three aunts (spinsters - they never married and lived together till death) wrote a letter to my parents telling them that they would offer to pay for twin beds - for my parents! LOL I asked my mom if she was furious and she said that my dad and her just bust out laughing. :)

  18. Oh I love the "babies come on their birthday" comment. That's a keeper.

    And God has blessed you in so many ways - including a sense of humor!

  19. Ok, first off... Anonymous bastard. Lemme atem. Seriously. Don't mess with my pregnant Colleenie. I'm so mad for you.

    Second... so funny. All of it. I know #7 is meant for me because I totally lost it on you on the phone last time. Areyouinlabor?Doyouneedmetowatchyourkids?Doyouneedmetobethereandhelpyouandtellyou"youcandoit"and catchthebaby?WATDOYOUNEED? and you were all, "I'm just returning your phone call". I'll simma down.

    As for Ellen... is that Ellen? She learned those moves from me. Seriously. Ask Shaun.

  20. I love cottage cheese when I'm pregnant - I like it usually but never get it because it always ends up forgotten in the back of the fridge, but when I'm pregnant cottage cheese with boiled potatoes (weird, I know) is one of the only things I can stomach in the first trimester...

  21. I hafta agree with your husband on the cottage cheese thing. It's nursing home food. "The legs to keeps shaved," ROFL! Go get your pedicure too! It's practically sandal season anyway.


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