Friday, June 20, 2014

7QT on a Gorgeous Summer Day

Joining not Jen.


Declan is 11 Weeks!!!

He's just started laughing, which is the cutest thing ever, and we'll try anything to get him to do it.  So far, Daddy gets the best ones when he tickles his feet.


So I've been running jogging again!  It finally doesn't feel like my body is going to collapse when I do it.  I try to do run/walk intervals, and increase my running time vs. my walking time each week.  To help me along, I got a pair of new sneaks: 

Cute, oui?

And I got Phil a pair for Father's Day:

We're Brooks fans.  They were both from Running Warehouse, where I buy most of our sneakers because they have great liquidation sales.  I used the code: runblog10 to get 10% off my order, and ended up with these two pairs of sneakers for less than $110.00!


While we're on the running theme, here's a fun summer playlist to work out to.


The kids are done with school for the year!

So now there will be lots of enjoyable, peace-filled summer moments.


They are already driving us crazy :)


We just told the kids that they are switching schools for next year.  We love, love, loved the school they have been in, but have been considering a switch to our parish school for the past 2 years.  It just makes sense to have our kids in the parish school where we know a lot of the families and teachers/administrators.  It will be a good time for them all to switch over as JP will be starting middle school, Andrew will be starting 4th grade (which is when they can join the CYO team), Eamon will be in 2nd grade and receiving First Communion, Maggie starts 1st grade and Xander will be going to preschool!  They are excited but will miss their friends, and some have already written letters to their friends to let them know they wont be back next year :(

On a funny note, when we sat them down to tell them we had some big news, they all thought they were getting another sibling.  #happensoftenenough


Today is Phil's last day of school!!!  

Now he just has to take care of our 6 kids all day long :)

But they do LOVE their little brother!


And starting next week, I will have Fridays off for the summer!  That means I will be rejoining my book club with their latest read, Momnipotent by Danielle Bean.  

Danielle was the first Catholic Mom blogger that I followed and she's such an inspiration to me and so many others.  I can't wait to dive into her latest book!

Have a beautiful schools-out-for-the-summer kind of weekend!


  1. Happy Summer sweetie!
    Enjoy ! : )

  2. Those pictures of the kids on the couch are adorable! What an awesome looking family. Happy Summer!

  3. Cute shoes! Maybe if I got some like that, I'd be as awesome as you?? Forget it, probably not possible to be that amazing. #wishfulthinking

    The new school will love having the Martins. I bet your kids will settle in and fit right in. I almost died laughing picturing your kids sitting down thinking you were expanding again. lol.

    Momnipotent looks so good. Hey, it's from Danielle Bean, so it's gotta be. Wish I could find a group of moms who could hold a book club and we'd all agree on a title. Momnipotent would be a fun one.

    Happy Summer time to the Martins!


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