Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Today my Dad, John Benedict "Benny" Sweeney, is going to have a cardiac catherterization  to find out what's going on with his heart.  I'll know more after the procedure about what the next step is for him which range from a heart valve replacement to bypass surgery, so I'm asking you all to say a prayer for him if you feel so inclined.  He's at a hospital in Boston, so we know he's in great hands.  

And speaking of hands, he has the biggest I've ever seen.  His father was a farmer and he was a builder, and at least they got some big strong hands to do their jobs!  

Declan's like "Who is this giant holding me?"

My Dad was one of twelve kids, and came to America from Ireland at the age of 19, chasing my mother for her hand in marriage.  They just celebrated their 48th wedding anniversary together:

True love means supporting one another even when their back gives out.

After Mass this past weekend, the visiting priest decided to offer confession because he had missed the scheduled pre-Mass time.  I was toying with the idea of going to confession and my Dad could see that I was stalling, and asked "What are you doing?"  "I'm thinking about going to confession" I said, and he replied "Don't think.  Just go."  He is a wise and holy man.

He is also very funny.  Like when he calls people by their physical features rather than their name..."I was talking to Long Face today and she said that Short Pants wasn't feeling well"...and the sad part is that we all know who he means!

My kids love love love visiting Grandpa and spending time in his workshop, and he's so patient with them as they learn how to build little trinkets.  He's also a great baby holder.  Unless they are hungry, or fussy, or poopy ;)  But he loves to give them the "dummy tit" or as we would say in America "the pacifier".  He's out of control.

Father's Day 2014

 We love you Dad/Grandpa!  Good luck and God Bless!

My Dad had multiple blockages that are moderate to severe.  He needs to have open heart surgery with aortic valve replacement and bypass grafting.  The surgery will be Thursday morning.  Prayers appreciated.  Thank you!


  1. Oh Colleen, your dad sounds wonderful. I laughed out loud when I read about how he refers to people, so funny! Praying that all goes well today.

  2. Praying all goes well and for wisdom for the doctors.

  3. I just said a prayer for your dad. And wow - those hands are HUGE! Please keep us posted.

  4. Prayers for your father, Colleen. And hugs for you. : )

    1. Will continue to pray, sweetie. Hugs...

  5. Prayers for your dad, he sounds like quite the character.

  6. Praying for you, your family and your dad...hope all goes well.

  7. Praying! He sounds like an amazing man.

  8. Ohh all of the prayers! I know he's going to do just great! Love the "Names by describing physical features" very cute!

  9. Prayers from my family to all of yours. JMJ

  10. Prayers from my family to
    All of yours

  11. I was away from the Blogosphere yesterday, so I am just catching up.
    I will get the prayers going for your dad and will pray for successful surgery and speedy recovery. Much love from MN to your dad (he sounds so darn sweet) and you too. {hugs} from here. Keep us posted!

  12. Prayers for your dad!!

  13. Just saw this. Prayer for tomorrow! St. John of the God, pray for dear Benny!


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