Friday, November 21, 2014

7 QT Friday from an Apparent Non-Blogger

Oh my goodness, getting time to do this blogging thing is hard to find lately!  I don't want to quit altogether because Declan deserves at least some of his babyhood documented, and I ain't no scrapbooker, much as I wish!  Joining up with Jen Kelly and the gang.


CYO Basketball games have started up again.  Basketball season is pretty fun at our house this year, because J-P and Andrew are on the same team, and Eamon and Maggie are on the same team.  So there's half the practices and games of soccer season.  And basketball is kind of fun to watch - very fast paced, they get older!


Xander is loving preschool so much.  Every morning he wakes up and asks if it's a school day, and if the answer is "no" he has a fit.  He is growing up so much since turning three...he can get himself undressed and dressed (sometimes the shirt is backwards!), adores the alphabet crafts and "McPuter Class" (don't know why he's always called a computer a McPuter, but I'm not correcting him!)  

I think the teachers at school call him Alex, so now he responds to three names on the regular.  We'll see which one sticks.  I clearly remember when John-Paul was 9 and joined a new soccer team and the coach asked him his name, and he replied "J-P".  I was like , oh, I guess he's all grown up now.


Around the house last night at 6:47...

~~~~~ Xander was asleep in bed ~~~~~

 Andrew was doing math homework, after serving Latin Mass...
Mom, enough already!
 Phil was feeding Declan...
Colleen, enough already!
The bookworms were reading...
Mom, enough already!


We (me suggesting, Phil doing) rearranged some photos and now have a wall of 6 month olds!  

I think we need to get Declan's re-cropped because he looks so far away compared to Maggie and Xander.  Also, my 6 month old middle babies be fat!  And my bookend boys be skinny!


My Christmas cards are all ordered and delivered and waiting to be mailed!  

What the what?!?!?  Who am I?  Turns out if you don't blog anymore, you have time to do more things around the house :)  

Here's a sneak peek...
Well, with more children and less servants - you get the idea!


Can you believe that it's Thanksgiving next week?  Xander loves helping us cook, and I taught him my secret ingredient to making food taste better ~ it's love.  So now he blows a kiss into whatever we're cooking, which makes me love him even more.

That's another way to go.


You know what's even better than shopping on Black Friday?  Decorating the tree!  That's our tradition in the Martin house, and I love getting all the Christmas decorations out.  It's actually the only holiday I decorate for because my husband doesn't see the point, and I'm pretty lazy.  Here's a throwback to when our kids were cute little, and we only had four:

Maggie, always the drama queen.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving-prepping, Christmas shopping, fake tree decorating kind of weekend!


  1. Christmas cards already??? You go girl. I was in Kohl's this morning picking up a few things for myself and the cashier asked me if I was done with my Christmas shopping yet. BAHAHAHAHAHA! Yeah, right! I can't even think about Christmas until after Thanksgiving.

    I love that photo wall!

  2. Wow. I never realized how much "love" I was injecting into my baked goods until now. Thanks for giving me the proper perspective!

  3. I am very impressed that you have your Christmas cards already! You are on top of things!

  4. I agree, I can get a ton more done when I don't blog. Ha! Who am I kidding? I am hardly a blogger any more at best and now that time is just spent cleaning up the bazillion messes that are every.where.always.

    Way to go on the Christmas cards! I am still sitting here debating if we should just do some nice religious cards this year. That's mainly because I don't have my act together with a nice kids photo or family photo. We'll see if I get one on Thanksgiving. That will be my deciding factor.

    I love the 6:47 reality shots. So very real and cute.

    Smart mama, we also have the secret ingredient of 'love' in our recipes. :)

    I am hoping to hold out until the second Sunday of Advent at least for Christmas décor. It will be especially tough though since we bought a new artificial tree that I am eager to put up and see in my living room.

    Happy Weekend Martins!

  5. I love that your husband's sweatshirt makes two appearances in your QT.

    You are so organized to have 6 month photos of all the children!

  6. The picture wall looks great! I can't believe that Xander - he's getting so cute and funny! I still can't imagine having school aged kids and them doing sports - I can barely get from point A to point B sometimes haha and you are so great at being organized! And the fact that you blog as much as you do with all you have going on is awesome… I look forward to whatever you post, whenever! Hope Maggie had a rocking birthday and that the weekend was good!


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