Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Did Juno We Had a Blizzard?

Nothing like a couple days stuck in the house to make this girl productive...

Scones and coffee in the mug with my childhood nickname.

If only he were trapped behind bars :)

It's coming down!

Poor sick Maggie had the flu (she's feeling so much better today, five days in).

Cuddling brothers.

Free time = reading time for this soon-to-be twelve year old.

My big project yesterday was to clean out and de-clutter the big boys room.  JP, Andrew, and Eamon share this room, and put away their own laundry.  They get it in the right drawers, but oh boy, what a mess.  I went through every.single.drawer and basket and shelf in this room and we got rid of TONS of stuff.  Now it actually looks pretty nice in there.

We played pictionary, bolo, cards, and The Dangerous Book for Boys game.

Declan finally started pulling up onto a little step in our kitchen.  His dishwasher reflection is so sweet.

Here's the homemade broth I made from the remains of Monday's roast chicken.  Now it's bagged and in the freezer.

Declan was feeling a little sick too (ear infection) so he hung out in our arms most of the days.

I filed our taxes!!  I think January 27th is the earliest I've ever finished.

Last night, we had a great dinner and fun time with our neighbors, and actually stayed awake until midnight!  This morning was filled with shovelling and play time in the snow.  I actually helped shovel because Declan was inside sleeping and Andrew was inside coughing.

Phil and the boys were determined to build a snow tunnel big enough for Dad to fit through.

It worked!

 Our neighbors (above and below) helped play with the kids and build the tunnel.  Fun!

Off to nap with the littles - ahhhhh, snow days are my favorite :)


  1. Wow! You got a lot accomplished and had a ton of fun. The boys room looks great. Ours is in great need of a clean out.
    And that picture of Declan in front of the dishwasher....adorbs!

  2. I'm embarrassed to say I had to read your title 3 times before I got it, but when it finally clicked I almost laughed aloud. :)

  3. BTW, Miss Priss was my nickname too.

  4. hooray for an organized room and your taxes being done. Jealous!

  5. Declan is just the cutest baby!!!!! And poor Maggie - too sick to enjoy the snow days. Hopefully she feels better soon.

  6. WE haven't gotten barely any snow here and I am so so so bummed about that.

  7. The snow! That's crazy amounts. We have not even had 1/3 of that all.winter.long.yet. Not joking and I'm also not complaining. It looks like you've had some good snow days at home with the kiddos (and Phil). Poor Maggie :( And Declan, you better watch that boy. The girls are gonna be knocking looking for that boy. He is just so dang sweet!! Hugs to the kids from Miss Sarah in MN.

  8. You guys look like you had such a blast in the snow! While I've been appreciating having a milder winter here in Michigan than we had last year, this has me wishing for just a little bit more powder on the ground!

    And Declan has the sweetest smile!

  9. I can't believe how much you managed to get down!! And you had a baby down with the flu for 5 days? My youngest is on day 1 and we are both already exhausted :( Hope your DD is better soon

  10. Yay, taxes are done! That always feels good. My husband is a CPA, so he files them super early for us and for my business which is nice. The downside is he knows exactly how much I spend on business expenses through the year...


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