Friday, October 23, 2015

{7QT} Halloweenies

Let's talk Halloween prep today, shall weeeeeee? (say that really spookily to get you in the mood.)


Most years that I am pregnant or have a little baby, I dial in Halloween.  I tell the kids to go to the costume bin in the upstairs closet and figure out something.  Halloween just isn't that big of a deal for us.  The kids dress up for All Saints Day at school, and their Halloween costumes are usually a secondary thought to those costumes.  Also, our kids have never been "real" trick-or-treating at night, not because I have a problem with it, but because a small town near us has a Halloween parade at 4 that we all march in, then we trick-or-treat at a few surrounding houses right after, and then we go to my sister's house for pizza.  So we are usually home by 7 and that's all they've ever known!  It's awesome, really.

This year, without the pregnancy or newborn excuse, and with Xander's obsession over the Hulk, I decided to surprise them with Avengers costumes.  I got really great deals (on sale plus 30% off with code Spooky30 and another 30% off with code Pumpkin30 - see individual links below) and since I can't sew or craft I have to buy cheap!  Without further ado, here's what the kiddos will be...


Xander will be The Hulk.  Because he thinks he actually is the Hulk.


Eamon will be Captain America. This just suits him so well.


Andrew will be Iron Man.  He wanted to be the funniest one.


John-Paul will be Thor.  He's the tallest, so it worked!  He was hard to find a costume for as he is in between a boy and a man right now (oh the joys of smelly puberty) so we just got him this shirt and this hammer to hold.


Declan will wear this shirt as I couldn't find any other Avengers group costume to fit him.  He doesn't mind.  I asked.


Maggie will be The Black Widow.  We have a red wig that she may or probably won't let me put near her head, but I'll try :)

Now if there was just a way to turn all of these into saints costumes, I'd be all set ;)

St. Joan of Arc, St. Michael, St. Patrick, St. George, and St. Florian, perhaps?????

Have a great Halloween-prepping last-soccer-games kinda weekend everybody!!  And as usual, go see Kelly for more.


  1. hahaha this is awesome! I'm sure the boys especially will love it!

  2. Coordinating costumes can be fun! We r doing a Greek theme this year but normally I do nothing!

  3. nice! i like coordinating costumes... but I haven't been successful...
    I do like dressing up for ALL SAINTS DAY. someday, I will MAKE them dress as saints for Halloween/All Saints Day.


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