Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Friends a Mom Needs

The Fit Friend

Sure, she'll make you feel guilty about your mostly non-exercising ways, but she will also encourage you to work a little harder to meeting your fitness goals.  This friend is the person you can text to say that you walked 3 miles today and she'll be your personal cheerleader.  You just want to make her happy.  

The Unfit Friend

When that Fit Friend is posting how many miles she ran to Facebook yet AGAIN, this is the friend you can commiserate with.  She will make you feel better about choosing cheesefries when you go out to eat and reminds you to slow down and enjoy life.  She just wants you to be happy.

The Friend in the Next Stage of Life

We all need someone who's slightly older than us and can help guide us in the areas of what's normal and what's not.  She will let you in on the secrets of a happy marriage, help you navigate the waters of menopause, and calm you down, reminding you that no matter what it is, "This too shall pass".  She's your voice of reason.

The Friend with More Kids Than You

This one is important!  Not only does she have plenty of childbearing wisdom to share, but you like knowing you're not the craziest, loudest, biggest family in the town.  Um, yeah I may have six kids, but have you met Anne?  She's got SEVEN!  Doesn't she know what causes that? She's nuts!

The Friend with No Kids

Equally important, but hard to find when you're a mom hanging out with mostly other moms.  This single friend can help you reconnect to your cooler college days of staying out late, eating at adult restaurants and sleeping in until you want to eat breakfast and not when children are in your face screaming for it.  She's also an ideal "Auntie" for your kids, buys awesome presents, spoils them, and can babysit in a pinch.  She just wants to enjoy your family without having any responsibility.

The Spontaneous Friend

This is the pal you can call at 6:30 pm and she'll be ready to run away with you to grab a drink by 7.  She's always up to do something and is so much fun to hang out with.  She's not concerned that you didn't ask her weeks ago if she was free for a planned outing in the future.  She makes it happen in the present.  She just wants to have a good time.

The Virtual Friend

This is the Introvert's bestie.  A friend that you can text, email, and follow on social media but you never actually have to meet in person.  She's so low maintenance and while you share a strong connection, she totally understands that talking on the phone would really ruin things for you.  She just gets you.

And finally, 

The Prayer Warrior

We all need a friend like this in our corner.  This is the friend whom you can just give a certain look and she'll understand you're going through something and will immediately start praying Hail Mary's for you.  She is there to encourage you in your faith life and is always thinking of others in their times of need.  She just wants to help in any way she can.

Most importantly, remember that to have good friends, you must be a good friend and no matter what kind of friends you have,

Ta ta for now, FRIENDS :)


  1. Great post! Must share on Facebook. (Also, that meme with the baby...I literally laughed out loud! Unfortunately, I felt like I was looking in the mirror!!)

  2. I love your blog and this post is no exception! The baby photo makes me sad, though -- this is a recent photo of a sweet baby girl taken from her Mom's IG account that has gone viral to illustrate fate memes.

  3. correction -- "fat" not "fate". Must proof before hitting publish!

  4. So sweet! you are always spot on!


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