Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter 2016

Happy Easter!!!  Or as Alexander shouted when he saw the candy..."Lent is OVA!!!"  Woohoo!  Start the celebrating :)

Good Friday

We ate our traditional Good Friday breakfast of "Bird's Nests" from the Portuguese Bakery.  A hard boiled egg nestled in some soft and delicious sweet bread.

Holy Saturday

After Maggie proclaimed to her whole Religious Education class that she had never ever ever dyed eggs in her whole entire life, we were guilted into finally doing it this year.  Why pray for humility when you can just be a parent?

You can see some sneak peeks of the new kitchen, which I will fully photo-tour once we replace that makeshift island with the real one!

No eggs were harmed in the making of these masterpieces, but they were devoured the next day.  #sorrynotsorry

Easter Sunday

Boys Black Pants (altar servers have to wear black)

(Maggie's shoes, tights and cape are all to serve the double purpose of First Communion in May too!)

Photo credit: Michelle

We went to the 8 am Mass for Easter, and the three oldest boys served, along with about 20 other boys.  A very tired Monsignor wished us all a Merry Christmas :)  It's so nice to see family when you're walking out of church.

Then we went home for breakfast...

Nutella & Chocolate Chip Turnovers.  These were so good but too chocolatey (really, I would use half the filling next time!)

And finally it was time for the Family Easter Basket Bucket!

T-shirts, Lego Rosary, Travel Mug, Benedictine bracelets, Rosary roses, Keens, Bungee chair, and candy and individual mouthwash for everyone!

After a nap for Declan, we headed to my brother's house for food and fun and the bi-annual Sweeney family photo. 

And one more of just the kids, aged 18 down to one.  Of course, if everything goes smoothly, we will have one more bundle of blue this summer!  22 grandkids in all for my parents :)

And that's an Easter wrap.

Oh wait, here's another Easter rap...

There ain't no party like an Easter party 'cuz an Easter party don't stop (until Pentecost, that is!)


  1. I love your pictures. Your bottom one...if I count properly has 22 children? That's awesome. We finally had a family reunion over the Christmas holidays (2015) and got a picture of all 22 cousins in my family starting age 14 down to 11 months! Of course, #23 is in utero and due in June. :) I enjoy seeing that other families are so blessed.

    Happy Easter!!

  2. I love your family Easter picture. And I am glad that Maggie girl got to dye eggs this year, she has learned how to get what she wants . . tell the whole world!

  3. I am super impressed that you have gotten away with not dyeing eggs this long! Happy Easter, looks like a wonderful weekend!

  4. Ha ha, love that your Monsignor said "Merry Christmas". I almost did the same! I wished our deacon a ", Easter!"


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