Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Knock, knock, it's Womb Service!

I've never actually ordered room service, but I've seen enough movies to know if I was rich and skinny and enjoyed travelling, I would be all over that menu like laminate!

But these babies of mine, they are so demanding when it comes to ordering womb service.  My pregnancy cravings don't get too weird but they are intense.  And god forbid this baby boy and I see food on tv, we just can't stop thinking about it until we have it.  Poor Phil.

Not only do I go crazy until I get those certain foods, but when I eat them I almost have to do it in private because it borders on slightly inappropriate.

And don't even think about asking me for a bite.  Step back.  Step waaaaaay back.

I also have to eat constantly all day long or I get hangry and moody and irrational.  Soooooo, pretty much like all pregnant women ever.

Here are the most current and most frequent womb service cravings of late..

Pickled beets or just pickles, and salad with blue cheese dressing.  They do not have to be consumed together, but sometimes baby boy wants that too.

Chips - specifically Ruffles Sour Cream & Cheddar or Cheetos.

Every once in a while, I need a baked good or chocolate, or better yet, a chocolate baked good.

Grapefruit is way high up on the cravings list.  Cottage cheese is another.

Vanilla greek yogurt with granola is a common breakfast.

I was craving a hot pastrami sandwich so bad, and this monster satisfied it, with cheese and yellow mustard.  Pickled beets on the side, of course.

Anything mexican.  This was a taco pie I threw together for last night's dinner, because I was looking for any excuse to eat sour cream.

Oh my gosh, sour cream is so delicious.

Not pictured are: caprese salad, lime anything, baked apples, gummy candies, cranberry juice, tuna, and chicken cutlet subs with tomato, lettuce, and extra mayo.

O my gosh, mayo is so delicious.

I guess I'm having a thing for creamy white dressings.

 What were/are your pregnancy cravings?  I could use some new foods to obsess over ;)  And now I need to go because:


Bon appetit!


  1. 1st kid - guacamole, tortilla chips and Dairy Queen plain vanilla ice cream in a cup. 2nd kid - cheeseburgers, no bun. Baked Lays.

  2. Pregnancy cravings are my favorites!! I had an intense obsession with Jimmy John's when I was pregnant with Kate. Like...I ate it an embarrassing amount that was really not good for our budget. And chicken fingers/chicken nuggets of any sort -- with tater tots every time. :)

  3. When I was pregnant I craved ice cream topped with French Fried Onions and Chocolate/Caramel sauces. I guess I wanted to satisfy a salty-sweet tooth craving.

  4. Man, I shouldn't have read this. Now I want all those things. Except the pickled beets.

    I have had a persistent craving for cheeseburgers, and it didn't go away when I finally got one last week. I'm taking that as a sign that I probably have a medical "need" for it, and I should have another.

  5. Oh my gosh I just ate lunch and now I am SO HUNGRY again.

  6. This is hilarious! I got the biggest kick out of how you need to eat in privacy. At Christmas there was wedding cake and I enjoyed it so much I would also hide somewhere so that I wouldn't embarrass myself!

  7. TaramarissaMarch 02, 2016

    McDonald's breakfast... I passed one on the drive to work every day and I was STARVING at that time. Also gummy candies- Swedish fish, gummy worms, sour patch kids, etc.
    Anything Mexican, especially queso dip. (Ok that's all the time but it started in pregnancy #1.) Also deviled eggs - hated eggs before pregnancy #1, then I loved them and still do!

  8. Red Robin Banzai Burgers with pregnancy 1. Macaroni and Cheese with pregnancy 2. And I have only ever ordered room service once, but it was in a cheeseburger and they came in and set it all up on the bed for me and it was snazzy. This entire post of gifs made my day!

  9. hostess twinkies and cupcakes!

  10. Your gifs and memes are always the best! Also, the skinny, crunchy Cheetos are where it's at. OM NOM! (I found in my first pregnancy that the baked ones taste prettttttty close to the fried ones, which made me feel better about consuming an entire bag in one sitting!)

  11. It's so fun reading about other peoples' pregnancy cravings :-) Here is my contribution: pregnancy 1 (boy) Philly cheesesteaks, 2 (girl) grapefruit-I'd go through a Costco bag in less than a week, 3 (boy) Mexican food- any and all, 4 (girl) salad and grapefruit, and 5 (identical twin boys) popcorn with Parmesan cheese and broccoli cheese soup. Girl pregnancies are definitely easier for me to keep the weight gain in check!

  12. My first cravings were with my #5 child - frozen M&M's and vanilla ice cream. I survived on that - the M&M diet - through the last hot months of that pregnancy. Then, with some of my later ones - crunchy apples and carrots. Boring, but healthy at least.

  13. Oh, a fellow August prego lady (due 8/29...a tad behind you), I find this post hilarious! Yes, to wanting to satisfy a craving and to satisfy it NOW! I find it so hard to meal plan too because I just don't know what I will be hungry for the following week! Most of your cravings seem to be healthy. I have been craving potato anything....chips, in perogies, potato salad, etc! And, pears.....but not just fresh pears, the canned ones in all that juice and they need to be refrigerated first....only cold ones will do. Other cravings have been cheese steak sandwiches and pecan pie! I also know what I'm not hungry for....omelets. I was eating them constantly for breakfast and/or lunch until sickness kicked in. Now, I can't even stand the smell when my husband makes one. I have to air out the house because it smells so gross. Oh, and broccoli salad is yummy....have you ever had that (broccoli, cheddar cheese cubes, bacon, walnuts, all tossed with a mayonnaise, sugar, and vinegar dressing). I also ate soooo much salad before getting pregnant (trim healthy mama) and now the thought of a salad does not appeal to me either....hoping I start to crave them again (my daughter is hungry for the hot bacon spinach salad, but I can't get myself to make it).

  14. Due in July, and I totally hear you on the Cheetos. I've recently discovered that my office vending machine takes credit cards (best/worst revelation ever) and I have shamelessly purchased Cheetos every day for the last two weeks.

  15. You are the best as using those gif's. (I wasn't even sure what they were called until I read Madeline's comment!) This post was so funny. :)


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