Thursday, April 28, 2016

A Mother's Day Gift Idea

I was coveting my mom's new cookbook, and then Sophia Press sent me a copy of my very own Vatican Cookbook.  God is good!  And so is this cookbook!  

It is written by the Swiss Guards, and includes stories and recipes from the last three popes.  Plus, there are pages of gorgeous photos - of the food - but also the Vatican, the popes, and in and around Rome.  

Imagine preparing a meal that was served in the Vatican to Pope Saint John Paul  II and then serving it to your family...that would blow my kids' minds :)

These sisters prepping herbs make me smile.  

Some of the recipes are a little advanced, but many are very simple, even my JP is planning on making the Dulce de Leche recipe soon.  I plan on making this having Phil make this Tiramisu recipe too. 

The Swiss Guards fascinate me, and I love reading about them.  I think this collaboration was such a great idea!

There are recipes from Poland, Bavaria, and Argentina to honor our popes.  This one below is a favorite of Pope Benedict with a difficult name but looks like an easy recipe for a yummy version of bread pudding.

Even if you never try a recipe, this book would make an excellent conversation piece for your coffee table.  Seriously, this cookbook would be a great Mother's Day gift if anybody is looking for an idea.


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