Monday, April 25, 2016

Spring Break Snippets

Spring Break was last week, and it was a great mix of fun and getting a lot done on our honey do lists.  I actually took the whole week off of work, which I never do unless I'm on maternity leave.  It was so nice! 

House Stuff

The kitchen and dining room floors got refinished, so we had to be out of the house for three days, which turned into four days because the smell was too bad to sleep there on that third night.

The kitchen island was installed, but the counter top hasn't been delivered yet, due to a mix up in the order.  So we are staring at the tops of open cabinets until that comes.  The electrician still has to come and do a whole bunch of light fixture-switches too.

We moved all the furniture back to where it belongs (actually, Phil and a really good amazingly helpful friend) moved everything back, hung the tv in our bedroom (contrary to popular belief, we DO have a tv in our bedroom).  I washed all the china cabinet's contents and put it all away...there was wedding china still with stickers on them!  Mental goal:  eat off of our good china.  What the heck are we saving it for?  Our funerals?  We also whipped together these bench cushions for our kitchen:

We did some yard work, and cleared out all the dead leaves and weeds that just love to take over our lawn.  Phil cleared out the whole area by our statue of Mary, which consisted of tons of ivy and looked like a lot of hard work from where I was sitting eating my bon bons.  Just kidding, I was pulling weeds and my inner thigh muscles in the front yard.  Squatting while pregnant is no joke.  We got some mulch delivered and now we have to wait for it to warm up enough to plant some flowers and herbs and we'll be all set.  Ahhh,the perks of having a small lot of land :)

I bought 8 Magic Erasers and we've only used two, so my project of cleaning all the walls didn't go as well as I'd hoped.  But we've still got time this week - looks like a lot of fun "date nights" in house.  Did you know if you call it a date, it's 120% more fun that calling it a chore?

Our goal was to have the house work completed before Maggie's First Communion on May 1, and we are cutting it too close.  

Fun Stuff

Since we were forced out of the house while the floors were being worked on, we stayed at my parent's house for two nights and the kids watched one of my favorite movies as a kid, The North Avenue Irregulars.  Oh my gosh, it was so funny to see my kids cracking up with my parents, that was the show I was watching!

My Dad finally got the okay from the town to have a bonfire to burn all his sticks (and ours too!) and so we had a cookout and s'mores party with the cousins.  It's as close to camping as I'll ever get :)

We also got to get away for one night to Great Wolf Lodge thanks to a great deal from Groupon.  We stayed in a loft that fit all 8 of us, and the kids had an absolute blast.  A huge breakfast buffet was included, and I tried my first ever cheese blintz.  Where have those been all my life?  Yummo.  We met up with friends and it was so nice to try and hang out while we were chasing around the little kids.  Declan had no fear, he was thrilled to be allowed on the slides.

Andrew ran his first 5k of 2016, and was a little upset about his finish time.   It's amazing that I would have died in shock if I ran that time (and maybe died from heart failure too) and to him, it was a few minutes slower than his PR.  His next 5k is this coming weekend, so he's hoping to improve his time, yet he doesn't seem to want to actually train ever.  He just likes the races and the free food after :)

And now back to school and work like normal.   Mondays, meh.  

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