Friday, June 17, 2016

7QT: Summertime!

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Alexander Blaise graduated preschool!!  

Here he is on his first day:

And his last day:

Ready for Kindergarten

They had these posters that the preschoolers made hanging around the gym and Xander did NOT want me to look at it.  "I don't like my face in it!  Don't look at my face!"

They sang songs and were so cute.  Alexander warned me the day before that I might cry because "sometimes people cry when things are just too beautiful."

Here he is with his patient and loving teacher.  I'm not sure how she made it through the year sane ;)


The big four finished their year on Wednesday!  They all did so great academically, I am so happy for them :)

First day:

7th grade, 2nd grade, 5th grade, 3rd grade

Last day:

All the clothes are just a little bit shorter.


There he is, the troublemaker!  I got to see my sweet boy during an ultrasound this week, and of course he's in the breech position.  But since I've had so many kids that my uterus is, shall I say, experienced?, so he has a lot of time to turn.  He is only in the 31% for growth, which is good news because with gestational diabetes, a big baby is what they fret about.  He's not big yet!  The first of many non-stress tests to come went just fine as well.


My food intake has been pretty boring on this diet.  My favorite meal so far was this one:

Chicken sausage on the grill, sweet potatoes and onions, and caprese salad.

My breakfasts have been either eggs or protein shakes, and my lunch has basically been salads and yogurt.  Snacks are nuts, cheese, and protein bars.  

Let's just say that I'm going to put on a good ten pounds once this baby is born and I can eat all the forbidden foods.


Alexander has been cracking us up lately.  Yesterday, the kids were fighting over a beach bucket and I told them to let Declan have it because it was his birthday present.  Eamon said "No, it was Xander's present" and I said "No it's Declan's present.  Xander hasn't even had his birthday yet (it's in July)".  Xander perked up and said "Yes I did too have my birthday!  Remember my third birthday, when I turned four?"

Spring soccer season


The weather here has been sooooooo beautiful!  We've gone to the beach twice this week already and plan to go a lot more.  I'm not into going to the beach when it's too hot out, so the end of June/beginning of July are my jam.

Needs goggles to play on the sand.

From an evening walk


While we were at the beach on Sunday, a couple walked over near us and started kissing.  Alexander, being the precocious four year old that he is, loudly proclaimed "Those people are marrying each other on the beach!!"  I quickly sent the kids down to the water and asked Phil to get a couple photos on his phone:

While he was doing that, I happened to notice the kissing couple again, and saw the man get down on one knee and propose!  I yelled to Phil to turn around and he snapped this photo of them:

I started crying and congratulating the couple, and Phil texted them the photo.  How cool would it be to have a picture of your proposal?  It was all so exciting and romantic, Maggie and I were thrilled to see our very first proposal.

And on that note, have a love-filled, romantic, relaxing weekend everybody!  And Happy Father's Day to all the superdads out there!


  1. Oh my you can definitely see how the kids have grown! I need to start doing first day and last day school pictures. I'm thinking since our babies are due within a week of each other and they're both troublemakers, an arranged Catholic marriage is in order ;) And how cool that you got to see a proposal!

  2. Xander is too much. what a riot! Wish I could take those awesome walks with you! New England has definitely been on my mind lately! xoxo

  3. Xander the Prophet!!! HAHAHA! Love it.

  4. I love the before and after uniform shots. You can really see that the kids have grown! Hopefully the baby gets with the program and turns in time... I was so mad when after 4 perfectly uneventful pregnancies and births I had a complicated pregnancy and C-section with #5. Number 5!

  5. Wow, all the kids are getting so big! Yay for summer vacation!!

  6. Do you have a favorite app for keeping track of carbs? MyFitnessPal is OK, but is geared more towards counting calories rather than carbs. I haven't found anything better out there though.


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