Friday, February 24, 2017

7QT: The Week Off


We had the week off!  Well, at least Phil and the kids did.  I've been working a couple shorter days so it's not too bad.  I used to work 60 hours a week during February break when I was a tax accountant, so only having to work 10 hours is totally a treat!


So we drove down to Maryland to see family and friends.  God blessed us with some gorgeous weather.  It was sunny and 70 degrees!  In February!!

The boys played football with their cousins and chose to be skins.  Andrew nicknamed them The Skinny Skins :)

Maggie in heaven with girl cousins!

Lucy came with us and loved running around all the acres at Nana and Gramps' house.  

Finn the Skin

Rory showing off her gymnastics moves

We celebrated JP and my birthday while we were there.  This is the first birthday he's taller than me.  The nerve!


Brendan turned 6 months old!

His first Valentine's Day
I can't wait for his next doctor appointment to see how much he weighs and how tall he is.  I also need to schedule his 6 month old photos but I am waiting until he can sit well on his own.  Then he can go on the wall of 6 month old Martin photos:


Here's some more Brendan pictures because he's just so cute.  I love 6 months old, the babies are happy and content and sleep through the night!

Oh I kiss him all the livelong day.


I must say that going on vacation with kids really is not a vacation.  It's a trip that involves a lot more work than staying home.  I'm still grocery shopping, cooking, doing laundry, changing diapers, etc.  What I really want is a VACATION.  I want to lounge by the pool and go out to dinner and take long runs and walks and sleep in until whenever I want.  How do parents with lots of kids make this happen??  How can married couples recharge and reconnect when they can't ever get alone time?  I don't want to sound ungrateful for my beautiful family, but I've even had priests tell me that a yearly "retreat" getaway with my husband is necessary, and yet it feels impossible to actually do just that.


I think I'm also grouchy because NFP after a baby is just Phase 2 on repeat.  And if you don't know what that means...


Even Mark Twain got it...


Wow, TMI from CMM (that's me).   And TGIF!  Linking up with Kelly and partying like it's my birthday weekend.  As Alexander asked: "Mom, are you going to be 30 tomorrow?  Because you always say you're 29".  Sure thing Xander B :)


  1. Oh my goodness, Brendan is SO cute!! I want to kiss him, too!

    Laughing at the NFP stuff...finding that true this time 'round. Enough said.

    Honestly, that advice from the priest sounds like something people without kids say (or with kids who are grown up who like to remember things differently than maybe what actually happened). Nice in theory but until you're in the thick of it and depending on your circumstances and childrearing choices, pretty unfeasible for most people. How many couples throughout history had that? Thankfully, we're both getting to the point where the oldest can be left with the youngers and date nights are SO much more possible! Game changer! In a few years, who knows...maybe they can be left in charge even for a quick overnight getaway, you know? (At least, that's what I'm hoping!)

    1. You're right, I think it's funny when priests counsel me too getaway but yet don't offer help with the logistics, finances, or daycare. They just don't quite get our vocation!

  2. I'm with you on #6! I got a grumpy text from my husband this morning to complain about how "that monitor" is out to get him.

  3. Happy Birthday!!!! Isn't this weather the best? It's in the upper 70s here today. I'm going to be so sad when cold weather returns. Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Welcome to Maryland, where we don't get February break, but February is beautiful.

    Glad everyone could get some cousin time. Cousins are the best.

    1. This was the best February I remember :)

  5. I only have 1 baby now, but, I grew up in a family of 4 kids. We went on vacation to an all inclusive dude ranch in Arizona growing up, and it had a kids program. I think it was ages 3-11 or something. Dropped us off in the morning after breakfast, and we were dropped back off to them at dinner. Could maybe take a babysitter along for vacation, or make the oldest kids each take a day for a few hours of babysitting the younger ones? Older kids could go do whatever activities they wanted. Parents weren't necessary- they just signed a 1 time parental approval for participation in various activities. I'm sure it was on the more expensive side, but we only went about every 3rd year or so. It is one of my favorite memories.

    1. That sounds great for everyone! But too far away. Maybe there's something on the east coast?

  6. That baby is sooooooooo cute! And the weather was amazing ... You picked the right time to come south!

  7. I know what you mean about vacation. I realized Klayt and I haven't spent a night away from the kids since December of 2012! We're going to Utah in March by ourselves for a few days to househunt. Not quite a vacation but definitely going to be a nice retreat for us. I'm seriously looking forward to sleeping in. 😂

  8. Totally hear you about the vacation and NFP business. I love getting away but it's hard when you still have the kids and aren't in your usual routines/ place! And I hate postpartum charting with a passion- my signs are all over the place for months, so abstinence. That meme is spot on. ;)

  9. Love your blog. One of my favorites.
    There is a difference between a vacation and a trip. Huge difference. A vacation is relaxing and doesn't involve children. A trip on the other hand usually involves ia filled to the brim minivan, lots of kids, and is definitely not relaxing, but probably fun anyway.


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