Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Farewell to Kindergarten

My biggest baby (he always tells people he's going to be the biggest man in our family when he grows up because he was the biggest baby) graduated Kindergarten last week.  

His teachers must be thrilled ;)

He was such a cutie patootie that morning, telling me that they were going to sing four songs, that he HAD to hold hands with Olivia, but didn't want anyone to say he was going to marry her, because it's just so AWKWARD.  He also said he was going to read some really RANDOM thing he wrote on the stage.

That's when I started to get nervous.  

"What random thing?", I asked.
  "Oh, it's a secret!" he said, as I started to pray a Hail Mary that it wasn't too random?!?

We got to the school, and he hopped off with the other Kindergartners, but not before telling me:

"Mom, don't take a picture of that flower.  My face looks weird."

Well I happen to love that weird face.

His adoring fans....seriously JP, can't you just pretend?

The school siblings got to come and watch the show too - perks!

Brendan slept with his eyes open so as not to miss a beat.

And then it began!  There was the aforementioned awkward hand-holding, not marrying, with Olivia:

Though, for the record, he used to want to marry her.  Ah, young love.  So fickle.

He looked little up there on stage with his classmates, but then I realized it's because some of them are about a year older.  He won't be 6 until the end of July.

The next part was my favorite, and moved a lot of moms to tears.  Each Kindergartner read a little ditty to their parents.  Most kids said how much they loved their parents, how thankful they were for their home, etc.  This is what Xander said:

In case you couldn't hear that, here it is in written form:

"I love playing chutes and ladders with you.  You always win and that is good.  You are the best Mom and Dad.  You always say I am the greatest."

(We've never played that game with him!  That's why it was "random".  But we do beat him in Candyland on the regular.  No mercy!)

And then time for the diplomas!

Gammy and Grandpa came to celebrate, and Grandpa handed him a $5 dollar bill.  Phil asked Alexander where he was going to put it, and Xander replied "How about the vending machine?"

Here is the saintly Mrs. Jason, who was a tough but kind teacher and taught him to settle down, read, and grow in confidence.  

Off to First Grade, Alexander Blaise!  We love you, your spirit, and your self-proclaimed "weird face"!


  1. Congratulations, Xander!!! And I think his face is absolutely adorable!!!! You have the cutest kids!

  2. love! love! love! what a cutie!

  3. Did you cry a river? I would have cried tears upon tears


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