Sunday, July 30, 2017

Seven on Sunday

Jumping on Kelly's linkup a couple days late, but it's summer so nobody cares!

1)  Phil's summer camp is over!  Now he can enjoy his few weeks of summer before school starts :)  He always finds cool activities for the kids and this year had some real winners!  He had the local zoo members come with some animals, a huge blow-up whale that the kids could walk inside, a visit to the fire station, a trip to the ice cream store, the Marionite sisters visit, and lots of crafting and sports along with daily Mass and time for summer homework.  It was three weeks of fun and the kids were exhausted at the end of every day - exactly what summer should feel like!


Now that camp's over, it's time for more beach days!

Well, at least until we see jelly fish, and then I'm sticking to pools.  The weather has been so cool lately that I'm hoping the water doesn't get hot enough for the jellies to come hang out.


I took my football fanatics to Patriots Training Camp last week.  

my picnic-themed shorts here :)

It was fun but oh so crowded!  We could see Tom Brady and Julian Edelman practicing from afar and the boys were able to participate in all the events - a quarterback toss, a field goal attempt, fowling (football + bowling) and an obstacle course.  They loved it and we are so ready for some football!  Go Pats!


The summer basketball league is almost winding down...playoffs start next week.  Andrew and Eamon just had their summer soccer tournament and Eamon's team made it to the championship but then lost!  I can't believe Fall Soccer season's practices are about to start.  Somebody hold me.


JP has gone on two retreats this summer, first for Quo Vadis Days (a discernment retreat for young men) and then this past weekend to Pro-Life Bootcamp for high school teens.  

I'm so proud that he is growing in his faith life and surrounding himself with good friends, but I also miss him like crazy when he's gone!  As much as I dream about having an empty nest some day, I miss my little chickadees!


My summer book club is reading Unleashed, which I find very hard to read only because there are so many good points!  Hence why I need to underline with my favorite pen :)

I'm also reading Drunks and Monks which is such an interesting autobiography, but it's very hard to read about all of the author's bad choices and the hits life takes at him.  I'm hoping for a happy ending!


And finally, a winner from my Faith and Fashion Giveaway...


Congrats, I've emailed you :)  Have fun reading and shopping!

Now I've gotta get packed up for the beach, tough life, right?  Happy Sunday Funday!!

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  1. Thanks again, Colleen! I see our hammock and a good book in my future... :)


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