Friday, October 20, 2017

7QT: Stuff and Links to Blogs I Love

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We've had a head cold and cough passing through the house this week.  I think all of the kids have been hit, some more than others, but so far Phil and I are still standing.  I've found through the years that the kids get something, we take care of them, and then we get it once they're better.  It's a very practical, if not depressing turn of events.  Mary's been through the sickies lately too.


Speaking of kids, one of mine told me that when he grows up he wants to have children, but definitely not seven.  It made me sad that he feels this way, although I do not believe everyone should have a big family (or a small family!), and that God uses our personalities, temperaments, and talents as He sees fit.  I just was sad that maybe he feels like his life, being one of seven kids, is not making him content.  That maybe the negatives that come with so many kids are outweighing the benefits in his mind.  Or maybe it's just a lack of maturity and he will appreciate it more as he gets older.  Jenny sure does.


We are planing for Halloween and All Saints Day, because why stress over one day of dress-up when you can have  Oh be still my beating heart!  This weekend I am going to have all the kids get dressed in both costumes so we have enough time to make sure we get whatever accessories/makeup/missing pieces we need.  As always, there are great saints costumes ideas here and here for girls and here for boys.


Gosh I am depressing myself with these quick takes.  How about something happy (like this twin gender reveal)?  One of my coworkers, upon hearing my idea for an easy family Halloween costume, offered to do the crafting part of it for me.  How sweet some people are to those of us with less talent, time and treasure.  Oh something else that made my day!  I checked our paypal account and realized that I had $101 in there for somethings I had sold on eBay in the past.  It almost covered the cost of getting Xander's tooth pulled.  God is so good.  Kallah writes about her small miracle over here.


I have discovered a new work perk!  My favorite work perk is that we have a beautiful chapel right near my office where I can stop in and say hi to Jesus in the Tabernacle anytime I want.  There's also morning Mass or morning prayer every day so I can start off each day properly.  #blessed  But the new perk is that I can order books through our school's library system online, and they get dropped off right at the school and then delivered to my office by our librarian!  How cool is that!  No more excuses for not reading as much, right Sarah?  Hit me up with your book recs....keep in mind I have grown from a girl obsessed with fiction to a woman who likes interesting nonfiction, think documentary style.  If I can learn something new at my old age, I'm all ears.


I want to get my hair cut like this.  The only problem is, when I get my hair cut like Reese, my face still looks like Colleen.  (I wouldn't mind looking like Beth after her last cut - so cute!)


Dwija wrote about a gardening lesson that echoes out to every area in our lives, and Katrina wrote about the name of her new baby girl.  I loved them both.  Maybe they'll come back to blogging FT, and we can get some more of the good old bloggers writing again.   I think Instagram stole the bloggers away, which I understand.  It's so easy to post a quick photo than to sit and write, but I still miss all my blogging buddies words of wisdom, cuz y'all know you ain't getting those here.  

Have a great weekend everybody!  I'm thinking I'll bake some more scones with my leftover ricotta.  We are starting basketball practices in addition to all the soccer practices and games.  Send chocolate and an Uber ;)


  1. Thanks for the shout out! I've been enjoying my new shorter do even though it takes more time to fix in the mornings. And thanks for sharing Kallah's story. It is always good to read reminders of God's generosity! And yes, I wish everyone would blog like we used to back in the day. I'm trying to do my part by blogging as many days of the week as I can. Have a great weekend!

  2. Ok so many comments off the top here...
    1) ricotta scones sound amazing.
    2)?I’m so jealous of your major work perk of mass and a chapel! We are praying about a big move thirty minutes away that would entail a change of schools (sob) but mean that we could walk the kids to daily mass and drop them at the parish school (eeee!). I think a life built around the sacraments is such an incredible gift.
    3)Maybe your child who isn’t feeling the pull of a big family is destined for the priesthood and Gods just making it a little easier for him to want it! ;)
    And 4) while I loled and completely agree as to the bummer of getting a celeb inspired haircut that doesn’t come with the botoxed, super chiseled features - I think that style would look great on Colleen’s face! :)

  3. Have you read The Boys in the Boat by Daniel James Brown? I think you'd like it and that it would match up well with the documentary style non-fiction. It's a long read but a good one!

  4. I conveniently left out the part where 16 year old Jenny screamed at her parents in enraged horror (in the driveway, in front of the neighbors, natch) when my parents revealed that baby number 7 was on the way. Let's just thank God we don't stay our teenage selves for more than 7 years or so, lol.

    Books I've enjoyed lately/great nonfiction/memoir style:

    Peter Mayle's "A Year in Provence" trilogy. Hands down best food and wine and expat living book(s) ever written. The entire genre is simply an attempt to match the beauty and descriptiveness of his writing, in my option.
    Jodi Picoult: Small Great Things (hard but good read; some disturbing violence but not graphic) I'm super sensitive so if I can handle it, anyone could
    Kate Morton: The House at Riverton (loved. Her "The Distant Hours" and "The Lakehouse" are also great
    Janice Koplin: The Gratitude Diaries: How a Year of Looking on the Bright Side Transformed My Life
    Rosamond Pilcher: The Shell Seekers, Winter Solstice, Coming Home (if you like Downton Abbey or Brit lit of any kind, you will love these books. I read everything she ever wrote this past summer.)
    Robert Hugh Benson: Lord of the World. I don't even know how to adequately sum this book up. It's a must read for every Catholic, and reportedly Pope Francis' favorite novel.

  5. What great quick takes! Since I have a few minutes, I can do some clicking and reading this morning.
    This year we're flying by the seat of our pants with Halloween, grabbing old costumes from the big kids and calling it "good enough". Thankfully, the girls don't seem to mind. Sure, they won't all be some cutesy theme or high end costumes, but really, we're going out peddling for candy, do they need to be?! Halloween, I just don't get you. lol.
    Have a great week, my friend!


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