Friday, January 12, 2018

7QT: Can I Catch a Break?

Linking up with Kelly for some random 7 moments from the past week.


John-Paul sprained his ankle, so apparently HE can catch a break.  Hehehe, I crack myself up.  Crack.  I did it again.  He had just finished running his second race in the track meet, and was trying to slow himself down, and planted his foot a little on the side.  He is currently on crutches and can't put his weight on it but it seems to be getting a little better each day.  It's so ironic that he threw his back out in soccer and now sprained his ankle in track...too many injuries is my reasoning for not letting my kids play football or hockey.  Oy vey, I think being a mom of six boys, I just need to accept that my life will be full of injuries.


See that temp!  In January!  After a week of single digit cold weather!

We survived the blizzard.  It wasn't too bad because we got rain for a few hours before the snow started.  We did get two days off from school and the snow is finally melting as we have had temps in the 50's yesterday and again today!  It feels weirdly warm and I don't like it.


Our healthy eating plan is going really well.  I was inspired by the book How Not to Die (I wrote about it a couple posts ago) to eat more plant-based meals and also inspired by my Christmas gift of an Instant Pot.  I've made quite a few meals in there already - 5 bean chili, beef and barley soup, chicken for tacos, and Swedish meatballs.  The goal is to eat tons of fruits and veggies during the week, no sweets, and only drink seltzer water/water/coffee/tea.  The weekends are more for indulging but not going crazy for the whole time!  My resting heart rate already dropped 3 points from four days of clean eating.

We have a fun overnight getaway planned for this weekend, just Phil and I, which was a result of our goddaughter gifting us with a free overnight of babysitting.  We're super excited and I'll share all about it when we get back.


Only problem is that Declan got the stomach bug last night.  Guys, seriously, this is why we can never plan trips...there's too many people to assume we're all going to be healthy!  I'm not sure whether to cancel the getaway today and hope to get our money back, or just trust that nobody else will get it before/while we are away.  It's stressing me out!  PLEASE GOD CAN WE JUST CATCH A BREAK ON THIS ONE????


For St. Nick's Day back in December, we gave each kid a coupon for a Date with Mom & Dad.  We finally made good on all their coupons!  

Xander and Declan went out to breakfast:

Norwegian Pancakes

Andrew and Eamon went to a dinner before a college basketball game:

J-P went out to dinner and we played Keno (no photo evidence), and Maggie went out to lunch after some shopping:

Brendan is too little to care!  It was really nice, and I want to keep up with this new tradition.


And a funny thought for all of you (us!) trying to get healthier this New Year:

But seriously, you're precious and made with love by a God who doesn't make mistakes!  Love yourself and have a Happy Long Weekend!!


  1. I hope no one else gets sick and that you guys get to go on your trip. And I love the idea of each of them getting special time with just you and Phil. That sounds like a great tradition!

  2. I definitely want to do the date with mom and dad, looks like a win win for everyone.

  3. Have a fun getaway!!!! I need to eat cleaner! Been making small changes but need even more!

  4. I love Swedish meatballs! Do you have a good recipe?


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