Friday, March 2, 2018

Seven Quickies on a Rainy Day

TGIF and 7QT:


Well the biggest news of the week is that I joined Weight Watchers.


But this time it's different (she types optimistically) because it's an At Work plan where a leader comes to our school once a week to weigh us in and have a meeting with us for 12 weeks.  The cost is $156 BUT my health insurance will reimburse $150 per year, so it's only $6 total!  There's 15 of us doing it so it's kinda fun to be in a group with friendly coworkers and then you can encourage each other during the week (and smack cookies out of each other's hands).


Because he's so competitive supportive, Phil will be doing the plan with me.  Of course, this means he'll eat more food than me and drop weight faster.  It must feel good to be a gangster guy.


I got my second Stitch Fix yesterday, and I kept two of the pieces, one gray sweater and one skirt. 

 My American Express card was having a benefit that if I spent $50 on Stitch Fix, I would get a $25 credit back on my card, so that was fun!  My tombstone will read: Never Paid Full Price.


So the musical Hamilton is coming to Providence, RI this year and although I'd loooooove to go, the tickets are gonna be cuckoo expensive.  I was like, Hey Lady, why don't you just buy the CD and listen to the music?  Then I remembered it's 2018 and people don't buy CDs anymore, so I went on my Amazon music (free with Prime membership) and guess what?  I could download the whole entire album for freeeeeee!  And guys, there's a few explicit songs due to some choice words, but the music is amazing and I'm learning (re-learning?) history!  I'm a closet-rap-lover and an open-musical-lover, so this combo is just so fun to listen to!


Tomorrow, Phil is having a Men's Retreat at our parish and so tomorrow night, I'm going out with a couple of friends for a Mom's Retreat (and to reward ourselves for getting through a busy Saturday as single moms).  

That's Stephen Curry's mother, my spirit mom :)


We have not one but TWO new nieces!  Phil's sister Kelly had another baby girl (her 5th! one boy!) named Annabel Denise:

And Phil's sister, Diana, had her first baby, Anya Amelia:

Aren't they adorbs?!?!  It's so fun that even though my side of the family is done having babies, Phil's side still has younger sisters that can keep going!  Right now both sets of our parents have 22 grandchildren.  Whoo-hoo!


We're getting a Nor'easter today/tomorrow here.  When I went to check it out on the weather channel, this is what it said:

What, praytell, is a BOBOGENESIS???

Bombogenesis, a popular term used by meteorologists, occurs when a midlatitude cyclone rapidly intensifies, dropping at least 24 millibars over 24 hours. A millibar measures atmospheric pressure. This can happen when a cold air mass collides with a warm air mass, such as air over warm ocean waters. The formation of this rapidly strengthening weather system is a process called bombogenesis, which creates what is known as a bomb cyclone.

Oh, well that clears things up ;)

Have a wonderful, wet, wintery weekend everybody!  Stay safe!


  1. We saw Hamilton right when it opened in Chicago--totally worth it. Also, not a prime album but they do have a "clean" version of the soundtrack that at least takes out the f words. Just FYI. Have you listened to the Hamildrops? Weird Al dropped one today and it's pretty good.

    And babies! Smooshy babies! My heart!

  2. Bombogenesis?!? My new favorite word! I think I'd like to drop this B-bomb on my unsuspecting family and friends just to watch their faces. haha!

  3. Fulton is really into weather so I learned about Bombogenesis a little while back through NUMEROUS YouTube videos. Now whenever there's any stormy weather around here, I need to look up whether or not it's bombogenesis or not...and if it's not, I'd better have other interesting details about the weather system to pass along to our future meteorologist. :D

  4. Hamilton is amazing! Love that soundtrack so much even though I have no hope of getting to see it in person. I tend to listen more to the first act with my kids (5.5, 3.5, 1.5), and it's fun that they've picked up on the key players like George Washington etc and are actually learning a little history.

  5. Well I've never heard of bombogenesis (is that even a thing down south?) so thank you for that bit of info. And one my quick takes was about Amazon music because I discovered it in January and it's totally one of my fave things ever now. Free music! Yes! Hoopla is also awesome for that too. (AKA how I listen to The Greatest Showman soundtrack on repeat)


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