Friday, June 1, 2018

7QT on the First of June!

How is it June 1 already?  How????  But you can get a free donut at Dunkin Donuts today, so go ahead and indulge.  It's a holiday after all ;)  #nationaldonutday 


I get serious FOMO in nice weather.  Last Saturday, it was a beautiful, sunny, hot day and Phil and my dad did yard work for the majority of it.  I felt like I was seriously missing an opportunity to do some fun outdoorsy activity with the kids and it really bothered me all day.  Do you get that feeling too?  Maybe it's a New England thing because our beautiful spring days are so numbered between freezing winter and humid hot summer?


Phil and I have been researching and talking about Intermittent Fasting for a while, and decided to start trying it this week.  I just got this book from the library to read, but for right now we are doing the 8/16 rule of fasting where we eat during an 8 hour window then fast 16 hours, rinse and repeat.  It basically looks like skipping breakfast, which goes against every fiber of my nutrition being, but the research is pretty solid about why this method of fasting is good for us.  It's just hard when you live to eat!

I need a new hobby.

I'll report back next week after I give up ;)


Every summer I am torn between buying the kids cheap sandals from Old Navy to wear to the beach/pool or water shoes that cost more but they can run around in easier.  I just found these Stride Rite shoes that are like sneakers and water shoes combined, great for a full summer of play!  And they're cute and comfy!


Did you guys know that Walmart has some cute clothes?!?!  Their Time and Tru brand has been serving me well lately...

Even Maggie and her cousin showed up to the spring music concert wearing the same Walmart dress:

Who wore it better?  JKJKJK


JP went whitewater rafting with his youth group - what a fun experience!  I say that as I live vicariously through him, because I'm not sure I'm gutsy enough to do it!


We made our first of many ice cream shop trips of the season!  We use it as payment for hard labor at home, or as celebration after receiving the sacrament of reconciliation :)


These beautiful flowers are from the garden of Brendan's babysitter.  I think it's so nice when people share their garden bounties with those of us that can't keep a plant alive :)  Brendan is actually home sick with Phil today, we think he might have strep since it's been going around the house.  But we are thankful for antibiotics and good insurance!  

Have a great first weekend in JUNE everybody!!!  Stay healthy and visit Kelly for more!


  1. Love those Stride Rites- third summer of getting them for the kids. Best thing- they can go in the washing machine, and look like new!

  2. Have a great weekend! I do not like to eat breakfast. I always eat an early lunch. But we unfortunately eat a late dinner due to husband's work schedule and various sports/activities schedules. Not sure I could make the 8 hour eating window work but I am very interested to hear about your results. Have a great weekend!

  3. I have always had good luck with clothes at Walmart. Always loved their White Stag and Faded Glory stuff. I was bummed to see they'd changed brands...but this post makes me want to give the Time and Tru items a try.

    I will be anxious to hear how that intermittent fasting goes. I also live to eat...and now I’ve got a closet full of clothes that are way too tight to show for it!!

  4. Growing up, confession=ice cream too! Can hurt to give that sacrament a "sweet" association, right? :)

  5. Now you’ve peaked my curiosity about intermittent fasting — but that no breakfast thing, not sure I can get past that. Love to know your final analysis of it.

  6. When the children were much younger, I would haul all of them to confession, then it was off to a special meal at the mall. They are older now and have their own routines. I'm just happy that they go to confession on their own without my prodding. Still, I miss those days... I hope everyone in your family enjoy good health this summer :)


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