Friday, July 27, 2018

7QT: Seven, Summer, Sacristan

TGIF, it's Friday and here we go....
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There's a lot of photos, so I'm counting this as three takes.  You're welcome.  Alexander Blaise turned SEVEN this week!  Because it was a busy day, he agreed to let us pick up Burger King for dinner and celebrate for real the next night.

For his birthday, he asked for a metal detector, a drone, a camera, and a cruise.  


Hey, two out of four ain't bad.

The next night we had spaghetti and meatballs (on a hot summer day - y tho?) and chocolate cake with oreo frosting and kitkats.

Gifts included: A metal detector, a Captain America flying toy, a mini drone (I actually got it on clearance at Kohl's for $6 because we all know it's gonna be stuck in a tree within the week) and a homemade book from Shutterfly (you can see him reading it here).  Bonus - you can make a free one right here!


Phil's Summer Camp ends today!!  We *think* it was his last year running the camp (it's been 5 years) but this year was actually his best one yet.  He had an awesome teacher assisting him and a parent volunteer that came in to make crafts who picked really great projects.  So maybe he will be back next year, who knows?  Once camp is over, it feels like summer can finally start...beach trips here we come!


I can hardly ever catch my 15 year old in photo, but as I got him to help me pose some items I'm selling on craigslist, I realized what a male model he is becoming.  I think this is his pensive look.

I'm kidding, all moms think their boys are handsome and unworthy of any girls, amiright?  My Dad had to jump in the photo to get him to smile.  I can't believe he's going to be a high school sophomore!!!


Maggie had her Sacristan Camp this week, and they went to Mount St. Mary's Abbey where the sisters make chocolates!!  She said our pastor told the girls they could each pick out something and he would buy it for them, and she picked out a box of 48 chocolates!!  


They were delicious though :)


We've had such a humid week here in the Northeast.  We need a big thunderstorm to break the humidity so we can all breathe again.  Poor Declan has been struggling with his asthma in this weather.  Ok, I think once I start talking about the weather, it's clear I've run out of things to say.  Lucky you!

Have a great LAST weekend in July my friends!!

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  1. Solidarity on the humidity front... except it is like that all summer here!


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