Monday, July 9, 2018

Storyland 2018: A Lovely Little Family Getaway

Last week, the high school where I work was closed for some construction, so we all had the week off.  We decided to quickly make a trip up to New Hampshire to visit Story Land with the younger kids.  

The weather was really hot during the week, but Fri afternoon and Saturday were supposed to be  GORGEOUS - sunny and 75 degrees.  

So we drove up on Friday, dropped off the three big boys (who are too old for Story Land now - don't blink, as they say!) at my brother's house to have a sleepover with their cousins.  We picked up my niece to take with us, and since both she and Maggie have only brothers, they were thrilled to have some girl time together!

Story Land is great for a lot of reasons, but one of the biggest is that you can use your ticket to enter the park after 3pm and get more tickets for another day.  So you get to go for a day and half for the price of a one-day ticket.  That's as cool as the ice pole outside the Polar Coaster ride!

 This was a perfect little rollercoaster ride for Declan, and the rest of us still enjoyed it too!

I am so glad that Maggie was able to bring Xander and Declan on these spinny rides because Phil and I can't do them without feeling sick for the rest of the day.  Man, it stinks to get old!

Story Land has a lot of ways to cool off during the summer, including this misting tent that Declan thought was smoke, and kept holding his breath when he was inside :)

One of the nice workers offered to take our photo - the workers are soooo nice there.

Although Brendan was too small for some of the rides, he was happy just running all over the place, and eating in the stroller.  There are plenty of rides that even little toddlers can go on and so much entertainment - shows are happening all day, there's a train ride around the park, and lots of storybook characters and attractions to see.

(That's his ring finger!)

Phil and I would take turns riding with the kids or staying with Brendan and it worked out great.  The kids just loooooooved playing with us, it was so cute to watch.  Xander nearly lost his mind that I went on the Roarasaurus (the big rollercoaster) with him.  

After the fun afternoon at the park, we went to a little Irish restaurant in the town where we were staying, called Shannon's Door.  The food was fine and the atmosphere was great.  Live music, lots of people and friendly waitresses. 

We finally got to our inn around 7:30 pm and it was a charming old place with lots of character.  The kids said it was the fanciest hotel ever (it wasn't!) but I would stay again.  They upgraded our room for free and the grounds were beautiful...they have a huge front porch with rocking chairs overlooking their own golf course.

 The next morning, we headed out for a big breakfast at the Glen Junction Restaurant and then right back to Story Land.  We were in line before it opened, and they opened 10 minutes early which was nice.

The kids planned out the night before that we would ride the antique cars first thing because the lines were so long the day before.  So we did!

Next up was Dr. Geyser's Wild Ride and that was super fun - here we are all screaming from getting sprayed!

Then to my favorite ride - The Bamboo Chute.  We rode this flume ride 7 times that day!!

The ball house is always a favorite for little ones who can't ride some of the bigger rides.  Brendan had a...ball :)

New this year was Daniel Tiger, and Declan was very excited to see him (I didn't even know he was a fan!)  The show was cute and Declan got to high five Daniel at the end!!

Phil dared me to hug the ice of course I had to...

then I double dared him to do the same.....mission completed.

Story Land is MADE for parents with little kids and babies, they have all these bungalows for baby feeding and changing, it's so sweet.  I saw a LOT of pregnant mamas walking around, as I've been many times at Storyland in years past.  Not this year.  I knew somebody was wondering ;)

They also have a huge playground area for littles and Brendan has no fear!!  He just went into that tree by himself and came out and went down the slide like he had done it a million times in his one year of life!

Before we left to drive home, we had to take the mandatory clown bench photo.  Clowns kind of scare me, but this one couldn't move.  What a fun 24 hour getaway we were able to have.  I am so thankful to God for the beautiful weather and safe trip, my brother and sister-in-law for taking in our oldest boys for the night, and Story Land for allowing me to participate in their Blogger Program.  This review may have been sponsored with complimentary tickets, but it's completely and honestly one of my favorite places to bring my family.  We just love Story Land so much!!  Here's how to get your discounted tickets for some family fun!


  1. Could it have been moi who you thought might be wondering?? I can't help myself.
    What a great place!! Great review, too.
    And what is with the Old Fashion Cars? They ALWAYS have the longest line out of all the rides everywhere you go!!! It's always baffled me.
    Glad you had a nice time. Love to see all those cute faces. Can't believe how big your "little" boys are getting.

  2. What a great place! It always looks like you guys have the best time there!


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