Friday, August 3, 2018

7QT: Patriots, Pups and Prayers

Happy Friday!! 


We went to Patriots Training Camp yesterday, and it's always a fun morning
 if you're a Pats fan (sorry Phil!  But you were a good sport!)  Phil came up with their poster design...

On the way up to the Camp, one of the kids commented about how I have Redskins apparel (Phil's fave team) but Phil doesn't have any Patriots apparel.  I'm not saying that is factual evidence about who loves who more...but you could freely assume that if you wish.


Gotta devote a take to Pat Patriot.  I wish this meet and greet was videotaped.  Pat is so funny!  First he took my ice coffee out of my hand and pretended to drink it, then he saw Andrew's Tom Brady mask and bowed down to him.  

Next he saw Eamon's Gronk mask and did the Gronk spike.  

 Finally, he read their poster and drew a sad face on the word Dad and then signed it.  He's a hoot! 

Me + Pat have the same smile


We walked over to watch the Patriots practice but it was really, really hot, so we took a break and headed over do run some drills and other fun games they had going on.  We won a gift card, got some fresh produce, free chocolate milk, sunglasses, made personalized football cards, jumped in a bouncy house...this place is so fun!

Cousins were there too!

We were able to get autographs from Pat Patriot, Ulrick John, and a coach (?)


After we got home from camp and put the baby down for a nap, we went to the beach to hang with some other cousins, and then walked around the Portuguese Feast last night.  It was a busy but practically perfect summer day.


Lucy got her hair did.  She looks so different without her long curls!  But it's much better suited for this weather.

Ain't she cute?


Soccer practices have started for Andrew and Eamon, JP has been having conditioning practices all summer, we have one more golf match left, and summer basketball is still going strong because playoffs start soon.  So there's no rest for these weary sports parents.  School doesn't start until the end of the month, so we gotta squeak the most out of the summer we have left!


We are in major prayer mode right now for a coworker's son who just got diagnosed with cancer and is starting chemo this week.  I'd love if you could pray for his complete healing in your intentions.  Thanks prayer warriors!!

Have a wonderful, healthy, summery AUGUST weekend everybody!

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  1. I love football camp!
    +praying for your co worker’s son+

  2. We live down south and I have my golden retriever shaved in the summer. My kids are so ashamed for him, but he feels so much better.


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