Monday, September 3, 2018

So Long, Long Weekend

Hi!  Hello, just checking in from the end of a fun and long weekend.  We had a weird start to school last week, full of half days and non-uniform days due to the heat, and tomorrow is already promising another sweltering one, unfortunately.  JP is taking a photography class this year, and brought my camera to my family's Labor Day/September birthday party yesterday and took some great ones....I'm happy to pass on the photography torch.  The kids actually pose for him, whereas for me, it's lots of bribing and eye-rolling to get a good one. 


My sister wrote the names backwards on the cake, which made singing Happy Birthday very funny indeed!


We spent the day at the beach today and while normally Labor Day marks the end to beach season, I'm thinking there might be a few more beach days in September before we get rid of this hot weather.  I look forward to the crisp, Autumn weather so much each year, as the older I get, the more  it seems that we go right from summer to winter, back to summer.  Fall and Spring are so fleeting and I want to make sure we savor each day - with jeans and sweatshirts and long runs and hot apple cider galore.  

Gee, Colleen, please talk about the weather more!

Alright, alright, I just feel I have nothing new and exciting to report.  Once I get my official back to school photo of all the kids (Declan starts tomorrow!) in uniform (once the hot weather leaves!) I'll do a nice breakdown of each kid and what's going on with them.  I hope you all are surviving the end of summer and beginning of the school year!!


  1. Sarah is taking ART 1 this year because it is a prerequisite for Photography. She said everyone in her class is doing the same thing. :) I'm looking forward to someone around here finally knowing how to work my DSLR! :)

  2. I'm so glad you explained about the names on the cake. I was trying to read them and gave up thinking "They must REALLY get into the difficult Irish names!' Hahaha!


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