Friday, October 5, 2018

7qt: Fourteen, Sleep Apnea, and a Winner!

Happy first Friday in October!!  What a lovely month it is, let's play a little 7 Quick Takes Friday with Kelly, shall we?


Andrew turned 14 on the feast of St. Francis of Assisi...since he was little, we've told him he HAS to pick Francis as his Confirmation name...mostly because I still feel guilty for not using Francis in his name #catholicmomfail.

He asked for pizza and ice cream sundaes for his birthday dinner, which was late because he had soccer practice first and this sports fanatic couldn't skip a practice!

My Dad told Andrew what life was like for him at age 14 in Ireland - he got his license!!  My Dad also let out the family secret that any family member named Andrew got $1000 when his father (Andrew's great-grandfather) died.  Because, you guessed it, his name was Andrew.  Too bad our Andrew hadn't been born yet!

My mom got him a very funny boy-humor-bodily-function birthday card which sent them both into hysterics. #grandmotherwin

Then it was time for presents!  Andrew was hard to shop for because  the only thing he wanted was social media - an Instagram account and/or Snapchat account.  But we said no because we love him too much ;)

Gifts included: basketball card bindersheetsbasketball cardsPatriots jerseynew joggers, pop socket from his future high school, Celtics jersey (thanks Nana & Gramps!), water bottle and world's biggest bag of mints (thanks Gammy & Grandpa!).


John-Paul had some photography homework last weekend, and captured these beauties right down the road from our house...


I went to the pulmonologist to see if I have sleep apnea, and he ordered an at-home (thank the Lord!) sleep test.  I'll be taking it sometime in the next few weeks, and I'll let you know alllll about it because TMI is my BFF.


While at the pulmonologist, he said he knows I snore because my Mallampati score is a 4.  Don't know what that means?  Neither did I!!  But here's a diagram for visual learners:

Phil always has said that he can't see anything in my throat when he looks in there, and he was right!  But just this once ;)  It doesn't really mean anything bad - except that I'll be harder to intubate and have more of a chance of sleep apnea.  He said most overbiters are a 3 or 4.  It was very interesting!


Let's just skip this one because aren't you tired already?  Maybe you have sleep apnea ;)


The winner of the UncommonGoods gift card is...


Congrats!!  You should receive your gift card via email soon :)


This weekend we have a Sweet Sixteen Party (John-Paul's friend), SAT exam (for Phil to administer), soccer games (John-Paul, Declan, Andrew, and Eamon), piano lessons (Xander), swimming (Maggie), work (J-P), apple picking (whole family), a trip to a lazer game place (Andrew + Eamon + friends) and because it's a long weekend... still plenty of time for some long runs and nice meals (I hope!)

Have a wonderful Columbus Day Weekend everybody!  


  1. I work in Oral Surgery and have several sleep apnea studies. Holler if you have questions! Good luck!

  2. Been following you for awhile...but wanted to comment....pretty amazing mama! Beautiful family and full of the joy of Jesus!

  3. Thank you soooo much! This is my first ever win in life! Prayers for you and your beautiful family from Austria ����

  4. I saw the sleep specialist last week and get to do a sleep study at the hospital. Woo.

  5. IG is pretty decent when monitored with all the privacy stuff, but I definitely understand the nope factor. And never ever will Snapchat be in this house. Looks like he had a great birthday anyways. I also checked out my score in the mirror. 🤣. I’m a one or two. Good luck with testing.


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