Friday, October 19, 2018

7QT: Spirit Week, Macron Madness, and Crazy Calendars

Happy Friday!  What a week!  (Do I say that every week?  I'm like the girl who cried wolf!)  Linking up with Kelly and the betters...


Phil's birthday was last week and I never mentioned it!  

He's the third birthday within two weeks at our house, so he basically gets nothing even though he deserves EVERYTHING.  Love him so much.  We had swimming and soccer and basketball to drive the kids around to, but did manage to fit in a little homemade pizza and cake.  The kids made him sweet cards, and I got him some gifts (pizza stone, Redskins joggers,  a Catholic Journaling Bible, and a book he wanted) and then we went out to dinner the next night and between the birthday deal from the restaurant and a gift card, we only spent $6.  Talk about a cheap date!!  Happy 38th bae!


#postcardsformacron has been my favorite way to find some awesome ladies on the grams this week.  What was that guy thinking to upset all these well-educated women who are raising a lot of future voters??  Educated women aren't defined by the number of degrees they hold, and Moms aren't defined by the number of kids they have.  If you disagree with Macron's statement, send a virtual postcard.  Thanks!


The little boys have some kind of virus, just cold symptoms and tummy troubles, so I brought them to the doctor last week to rule out ear infections (Brendan gets them frequently) and it was basically a wasted trip.  Nothing diagnosable and I'm sure we picked up a TON of germs because they were into everything, as toddlers gotta be.  

Updated - Brendan does indeed have an ear infection now and Declan has a pretty bad sounding cough.  Winter in New England has arrived early.


Basketball practices are starting up.  Guys, this is the craziest part of our year when it comes to sports.  We currently have 4 soccer players (different teams, of course), 2 swimmers (different lesson times, of course) and 1 piano player with a weekly lesson.  Now we are adding in 3 basketball players (different teams that each have TWO weekly practices, all at different times, because they are motherhaters - jk it's just based on gender and age).  Look at our schedule for tomorrow morning:

We only let them play one sport on one team at a time because, as you can imagine, it's still too much to handle.  I'm thankful that JP will be getting his license in less than a year!  I'm also thankful that we have no little babies to drag all over the place, it's a lot easier to throw a 2 year old in the car with a bag of goldfish and a sippy cup of water :)


My sister-in-law got engaged! She's the last of all of our siblings to get married, which is a little sad that chapter is over, but there will be quite a few family weddings in the future with all of our nieces and nephews.  We are happy to welcome a new brother-in-law to the clan.


Our Catholic high school has Spirit Week this week, leading up to the big Homecoming football game and dance this weekend.  Wednesday was dress like a holiday, so I chose Labor Day:

You guys would not believe how many of my coworkers thought I was really pregnant!  They see me daily!  


This is our last weekend of non-marathon training before we start on Monday!  Eeeek!  I feel like I won't actually run the marathon on Cape Cod in February - because I can't imagine an uneventful 18 weeks of training during winter months, between the weather and illnesses and possible injuries - but we're gonna start the training anyway and just see what happens.   Phil's a good sport and just does whatever I do when it comes to diet and exercise, but even he thinks this is a bit crazy.  

If we do make it to the starting line, and then finish line, I will be able to say I ran a marathon riiiiiiiight before I turned 40 and for some reason this is enough encouragement to get me started.  

Also, I don't watch baseball but GO RED SOX!!!!  Have a great football watching, chauffeuring children, Homecoming dancing kind of weekend everybody!


  1. I DO watch baseball and wow! Those Red Sox are really killing it!!!!!! My husband has been up late almost every night this week following the games. I, however, go to bed promptly at 10:00 like a good little old lady but I do wake up at 5:30 and watch the highlights!

    And I am shocked your coworkers actually thought you were pregnant! I mean, that belly does look real but to go from flat to 7 months is a bit of a stretch!

    Enjoy your weekend!!

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed this post! I remember those crazy days of chauffeuring our boys to practices and games. Even though they played the same sports, they were often at different levels and the times and locations would vary. Every now and then, even though we’d split up and go in two directions, two parents wasn’t enough and we would have to miss one of their games.

    I’m enjoying those #postcardsformacron, too. So good! With “only” 5 kids, though, I don’t know if I should join in...:)

  3. And I forgot to add: good for you, training for a marathon!!! Even though I ran high school track, I cannot in my wildest dreams imagine running that many miles at once—and I am truly impressed by those who do. I can’t wait to read your posts after you run it!

  4. A marathon??!! You can totally do it!

  5. I was just looking at upcoming half marathons in the area and I thought for sure you were angling for the New Bedford one in March! Anyway, I want to try for a half marathon next year but I'm too chicken to do one THAT soon! Also, our kids have had the icky sickies too, currently hand foot and mouth. 😭I hate winter.


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