Friday, November 2, 2018

7 (Really) Quick Takes

It's a rainy Friday morning - still dark but full of promise because...


I woke up to this beautiful email

Nothing on the calendar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  What a rare treat!


That means I should be able to check my long run off this week's training plan, but alas, the rain.  SO it's cross training at the gym instead.  Unless I can talk myself into running 9 miles of the dreadmill?  

Me, after mile 6, minus the happy dance.


This weekend is super busy - we have lots of soccer games, 4 on Sat and 2 on Sun to try and finish up the season, hoorah!  Phil is proctoring SATs on Saturday and then on Sunday we have Open House at our high school.  Xander has religious ed, and JP has to work on Sat and Sun.  


I've been so tired lately, and I won't know the results of my sleep study until December 3 which is crazy!  I really can't tell if I'm just normal tired for being a working mom of seven training for a marathon, or if I'm more tired than the average person?  Like, is there something wrong with me or am I completely normal?  I fall asleep between 8:30 and 9:30 every night, sleep until 6 and can still nap on weekends if given the opportunity.  

Do you all feel like this?


I got a new phone case this week, it's silver and sparkly and Maggie quickly informed me that it's a "little girl's case" because girls in her class have it.  So I guess I have the same taste as ten year old girls.  Which begs the question, WHY DO TEN YEAR OLD GIRLS EVEN HAVE PHONES?


I had to capture the Fall view out of my work window before we head into winter:



I woke up this morning and told myself I would eat healthy, after all my Halloween candy binging yesterday, and then a coworker brought in malassadas, so you know it's all downhill after that sweet warm fried dough.  

Have a treat-filled, well-rested, cozy November weekend everybody!


  1. I think 9 miles on the dread mill would feel like 18. Fingers crossed the rain will stop and you can get your run in outside.

  2. #4 is me too. I'm curious what you're results will be.
    #5 I like sparkly stuff, too! I recently got my 13 year old grandson one of those retro phones that kinda, sorta look like a smart phone (pre-2008) but it has the keyboard you can pull out to text. His mother wanted him to have something when he went to camp this past summer and she and I both agreed no smart phone. So this was a good compromise for him. He told her that several kids at the camp had the same phone. So yay for that! He's at that age where you don't want him to be embarrassed unnecessarily but it can be a fine line sometimes.

  3. I think that being 40-ish is key in the tiredness. Have you had your blood work done lately? My thryroid decided to quit working as it should about 5 years ago and, even with medication, I am wiped out! Not that it makes you feel better, but complete solidarity here on the naps!


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