Friday, November 30, 2018

7QT: Confessing, Training, Preparing, and Flooring

Happy Last Day of November!  Linking up with Kelly of course...


Alexander Blaise made his First Reconciliation last night! 

As soon as it was over, he said "You're right, it DOES feel so good!"  Then we went and picked out a treat at Cumberland Farms (his choice).  He picked BubbleTape (remember that stuff?!)


I was going to write a whole separate post about marathon training, but here's the quick take on it.  After five weeks, Marathon Training has ended.  But don't fear!  Half Marathon Training has replaced it.  Running a full marathon is just not in the cards for me anytime soon.  I don't have the time and energy for it, and it's asking a lot of my kids for me to go on 2+ hour runs regularly.  I found a really hard half-marathon plan, and I adjusted it slightly to make it work for our schedule. 

The first day of the new plan, I was able to run by the beach and thank God for the gift to move this body He created.  I even woke up really early on Thursday and got a run in before work.  WIth Phil coaching Winter Track, it's become difficult to find time to workout, so I'm fitting in in wherever.  Hopefully I can stick to this plan until St. Patrick's Day, which is race day.


Today is Andrew's feast day, and the start of the St. Andrew Novena. 

Phone Lock Screen Image provided by Little Light Family

 I really, really want to pray this novena fully (15 times a day until Christmas) for a specific intention, and I hope my guardian angel will help me remember.  


(Yes my GA's name is Gabriel. What's the name of yours?).


Maggie's 11th birthday is tomorrow!

Her godFather, Fr. Dave, came to visit and have dinner with us this week, which is always so great.  Maggie is our only girl, and she has a superstar team for godparents - a priest and a religious sister.  That was divine intervention to lock down these holy godparents to ensure lots of Masses said and prayers offered up to keep her safe and innocent.  Well, that, and surrounding her by six brothers for protection :)


I think I've finished the bulk of my Christmas shopping??  

I don't even want to type that for fear of jinxing myself.  

Actually, now I'm realizing that I only have the kids and Phil done, not anybody else.  

Ugh, back to the drawing board, which is in fact an excel spreadsheet.  

Nerdy elf, thy name is Colleen.


On Black Friday, we decorated for Christmas and drank cocoa with marshmallows while playing Christmas music.  

If I don't do ALL of these things, then the kids riot with chants of "But it's a traaaaaaditiooooooon!" And since there's seven of them and only two of us, we do what they want ;)  That night we had a Poker Game, which is always a blast, especially when my mom is involved:


We are in the process of replacing the flooring in our bathroom.  By that, I mean that we've had three or four different companies come in and give estimates on replacing our sheet vinyl with another piece of sheet vinyl.  Our bathroom is so small, and it's only vinyl, but the prices are astronomical.  They ranged from $500 - $1000.  That's so crazy, but we need to do something because we ripped up part of it to see what was underneath, and I can't live in that chaos.  Home ownership is fun ;)

Happy Friday everybody!  Have a wonderful first weekend in December (whaaaaat?)!


  1. Doesn't everyone use a spreadsheet for Xmas lists? It's the only way to realize that one kid (easy to buy for) has 8 gifts and someone else has only socks. I need to type mine up today. Good luck iwth the rest of your shopping.

  2. Flooring replacing IS expensive. I know DIY isn't for everybody but have you considered doing it yourself? My husband and I have replaced vinyl flooring in two rental bathrooms and as long as you can use a razor blade in a straight line and use a glue gun, you can do it super easily, and just buy a big sheet from a hardware store and cut/install yourself. It really is very easy! and WAY cheaper. ;)

  3. I’m only commenting this because I JUST had a conversation about it with my priest:

    Essentially we shouldn’t name our guardian angels because God has already named them and He is the only one who has the authority to do so. This was news to me!

    Anyway, I’ll still be asking mine to help me to remember to do the St Andrew novena this year. Last year I was up all hours of the night nursing so I had plenty of time to remember while sitting in a dark room. This year, we shall see!

    Love your blog :)

  4. I totally have a spreadsheet also, too funny!

  5. We have a google doc so I can check it from the store. But a spreadsheet sounds good too. Bubbletape? I didn't even know they still made that! Happy feast day to Andrew and happy early birthday to Maggie. (Also congratulations to Xander!)

  6. Uh, spreadsheets all the way. It all goes down to make sure it's all straight and looking right without having to handle every dang gift when my brain seizes up.


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