Friday, November 16, 2018

7QT: Sports, Snow, and SHOPPING!

Joining Kelly with some Friday Seven Quick Takes...


Soccer Season officially ended on Sunday with playoff games for Andrew and Eamon (they both got to finals then lost!)  My cutie patootie forwards played so well this year - lots of goals and assists.  JP ended his JV soccer season recently as well, and played strong in defense.  That boy is fast and strong!  
Eamon's 2nd Place Soccer Team

But there's no rest for the weary...CYO basketball games started this week.  Andrew, Eamon, and Maggie all play.  Xander plays in an instructional league at school and for our town, and JP will run Winter Track again.  


A coworker was telling me a story this week that involved a bodyguard, and I thought, I would love to have a bodyguard.  Not the kind of life that warrants a bodyguard necessarily, but someone to keep me safe and show me where to go sounds wonderful.  And maybe also drive my kids around (see #1).


In age order - Maggie ruins the perfect step effect, such is the life of a supermodel :)

We had Christmas photos taken of the kids at JC Penney with an amazing Groupon I got last year too.  It's for a photo session PLUS 60 Christmas Cards all for under $25.  You can't go wrong!  If you have a JC Penney in your area, check out the deal here.


Oh marathon training.  We are in Week 4 and have been good doobies, completing every workout.  But, Phil is going to coach Winter Track this year at our high school (he has previously coached the Track Club at our kid's elementary school for the past five years) and that will leave us in a hard place to train.  He will try and workout with the high school kids, but it has to be a plan that works for them, not him.  And I won't be able to run outside until he gets home, which will be too dark.  And the snow has already started :(
This morning.

So I'm thinking this marathon isn't going to happen.  But I'm still hopeful to at least run another half marathon in March - the training is waaaaaaay easier.


Have you started Christmas shopping yet?  I'm pretty much done for our kids (except for Maggie - can't think of what she would want for Christmas since her birthday is in December also and her wishlist for that is complete).  We are doing one big gift per kid, one big family gift, and a few small items each.  I try to follow the three presents "just like Jesus" rule - which still means I'm buying 21 gifts for the kids alone.  Our favorite Gifts Guide is right here  if you're struggling with any ideas.  I haven't added *everything* I've bought this year yet because of smart children who will figure out their presents in advance...but I add to the guide as the year goes on, so the new ideas are at the bottom of each list.  We get a small kickback when you shop through those links - so thank you in advance!!


I took all seven kids in for their flu shots at the same time.  I know there's a trophy out there with my name on it ;)  

But really, we had two nurses in the room who lined everything up and just went to work, and all my kids were so good (weirdly!) nobody cried or fussed.  Declan actually smiled through the whole thing?!?!  It was the least painful flu shot experience yet.


If you're looking for a healthy and cozy meal, may I suggest Giada's White Bean and Chicken Chili?  I make a few tweaks (no fennel seeds, no flour, double the beans, use a whole bag of baby spinach instead of swiss chard, and add chopped carrots and celery for extra veggies).  But other than that, it's great and guilt free!  It's been our lunch all week and I'm not sick of it yet.

Have a cozy, football watching, basketball playing kind of weekend everyone.  TGIF!!

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  1. I used your gift list last year for inspiration. The Dude Perfect Nerf bow and arrow set really is amazing. I have as much fun as the kids do with it! If only certain children could learn to not aim at the trees. I'll look forward to your new ideas!


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