Monday, January 28, 2019

7QT Friday, I mean Monday

Life has been relatively boring around here lately, hence the lack of writing and gramming.  Not boring as in "nothing to do" but rather boring as in "same old stuff, different day" kinda routine.  But I'll try to pull together 7 quick takes to help me get back in the writing game....and then post them late.  Sorry Kelly!


I filed my taxes this week.  I'm pretty sure this is the earliest I've ever filed. 

I completed our federal, waited for MA state to be released, then did those too.  I filed for JP as well, and charged him 10% of his refund for my services.  Gotta teach life lessons!  I've said it before, but I've used many different tax programs (worked at H&R Block and at CPA firms) and TaxAct is super easy to use and sooooo inexpensive.  JP's taxes were filed for free and I think mine cost about $60 total. 


I'm going to buy new family room couches with some of our refund money.

Our current couches are faded, has a hole, saggy, and one of the recliners doesn't work anymore.  We bout them at a cheap discount store and they served us well for a few years but I'm at a place where I'd rather pay more for great quality that lasts a long time.  If anyone has suggestions, please help!  I'm a fan of La-z-boy couches, but I can be swayed :)


Declan (age 4) loves to play Candyland, and last week, his teacher said they were going to play on Friday morning.  He was stoked!

On Thursday night, Declan asked me if he could go to bed early.  "Why?" I asked.  "Because then I can go to sleep and wake up faster to play Candyland!"


JP has had midterms this week - and watching him study is a painful process.  He never had to study until high school, so he's pretty terrible at it.  He doesn't start studying for an exam until the night before, listens to crazy music while he studies, takes so many food breaks, stays up way too late, etc.  I know technology isn't's way too easy to get distracted in his computer. 

Bring back good old fashioned books and notebooks and flashcards!


I Konmaried my clothes on Monday, MLK day.

 It took me about three hours to do everything, closet and drawers, and it felt sooooooo good.  Just grabbing a pair of socks or choosing an outfit makes me happy now.  Her system of decluttering and organizing works. 

Somebody asked me to write about life after using her system - and I would say that the house stays clean and organized for a while, but after a couple years (and babies!) you need to declutter again.  Unless you can stay on top of it by getting rid of things as you bring in new items, the new items will add up.  We're human.  The first time I went through my clothes took me a lot longer, so I never got as bad as where I was originally, which was nice to see!  Clothes are definitely the hardest for me...I have always needed so many different sizes and maternity clothes and work clothes.  I just decided that if it doesn't fit me right now, it's out.  I have a few bins of maternity clothes upstairs I need to go through, but I'm sort of scared to get rid of them without tempting fate, ya know?  One day I'll have the courage to do it!


 We are still deeeeeeep in basketball season.  Five games a week, about 4 practices a week, and no end in sight.  Jkjk, spring is coming eventually! 

This spring, we will only have track and swim lessons which is our lightest season after soccer and then basketball.  I can't believe we will also have another 8th grade graduation this spring, and a First Communion.  Life moves fast!


My mom had diverticulitis surgery on Friday - and it all went well!  Praise the Lord! 

I'm hoping she can eat whatever she wants for the rest of her life with no consequences!!!

Hope you HAD a great weekend!  Ours was very relaxing without any football to watch :)


  1. I am so jealous you've filed. I am still waiting for my last form. It's super annoying! So glad your mom's surgery went well.

    1. WIth the increased standard deduction, I felt like I didn't need many forms! I got access to everything online as well, so that was easy...hope you can file soon!!! And thanks about my mom - she's home now :)

  2. Just curious - why didn't you have your son fill out his taxes himself? I use TaxAct too. I usually walk the kids through the steps the first year and then help when needed afterwards. (I admit I do one daughter's form because she is far away at college and all the W-2's come here.)
    I'm wary of filing too early because once my work screwed up my W-2 form, and then the correction came AFTER we had filed taxes and filled out the FAFSA. Led to a lot of paperwork. We can wait a few weeks to make sure there are no issues like that again.

    1. Yes, I should have had him do it! He's 15 and doesn't even know his own SS number yet :)

  3. Yes! I did the KonMari clothesnoruge for all 7 of us. Felt so good. But i see certain kids slipping into old ways. It’s hard for them to switch the folding after so many years!

    1. Rockstar! I just did my own, and Maggie did her own - the boys "went through" their clothes, but I didn't see much getting tossed out.

  4. I'm glad your mom is doing well! And I am also glad to hear that my kids aren't the only ones that don't know how to study for exams. Exam week was extremely painful around here as well! Thank the Lord it is over! I spent a lot of time asking St. Joseph of Cupertino to intercede!

    1. SHe came home last night! Thank you!


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