Monday, February 25, 2019

40 Reasons

40 Reasons why I love you on your 40th Birthday

(This is your husband... I hacked your account for this post)

1. I love the way you want to be the center of attention as long as no body is looking at you perform!  Being on stage gives you instant fear but you’re happy to post a video of yourself singing the lyrics to “Ice Ice Baby”.

 2. I love the way you keep our crazy family’s life running and organized!  If it wasn’t for you, our kids would never be signed up for school, sports, physicals, music lessons, driver’s ed, religious ed, etc. They would never go to a friend’s birthday or have a meal plan.  Thank God for shared Google calendars so I know what is going on in our crazy busy life.

3. I love that you are also trying to keep our house clean and organized.  Thanks Kon Mari!

 Image result for kon mari meme tell me again

4.       I love how much you enjoy tax season!  If filing taxes was a race, you would win by a mile.

5. I love how you can stay so calm in the midst of an emergency, even if I am freaking out.  (such as a kid splitting their chin open in the bathtub)

6. I love how much you love “love”.  You will cry at anyone’s wedding (except your own of course)

7. I love how deeply you care for others.  Of course it means that you can’t watch the news or hear sad stories because it affects you so much.

8. I love your strong sense of justice.

9. I love your sense of Irish superiority.

10. I love how encouraging and supportive you are.

11. I love how you will never point out my many flaws to others but instead you make me sound better than I am.

12.   I love how intensely you cheer for our kids at their sporting events.

13.   I love your work ethic and how you are helping to pass it on to our kids.

14.   I love the way you look at me even after all these years.

15.   I love your impulsiveness.  I can take forever to make a decision (like picking out a bathroom vanity or a new set of sofas) but you will get online and order what we need in no time at all.

16.   I love that you are an expert shopper.  You will never pay full price.


Me (at least regarding Kohls)

17.   I love the fact that you will begin a spontaneous dance party with our kids.

18.   I love you for your strong Catholic faith and identity. 

19.   I love your honesty (you will say what everyone is thinking but does not have the courage to say).

20.   I love the fact that you want to give our kids pets even if you are not a big animal lover.  “We should get a fish tank”. Or “Our kids should have a cat”.  Or “Don’t you think we need a dog?”

21.   I love how can look amazing without even trying… talk about low maintenance.

22.   I love how you make me laugh.

23.   I love your home cooked meals.

24. I love how you still want to “date” me.  I am glad that we always try to get time together whether it’s walking the dog, going to dinner, or going away for a night.

25.   I love your motherly heart, whether it is for our own kids or someone else that you see is in need.

26.   I love how you cry at the drop of a hat (like your mother!)

Image result for michael scott crying gif

27.   I love how you look for ways to make each of our kids feel loved.  You want each kid to know that you are thinking of them.  It might be through little gifts, making their favorite meal, or taking them out for one-on-one time.

28.   I love your smile (what I noticed first about you).

29.   I love having you as a partner in raising our kids.  (I need your perspective to keep me from overreacting or worrying as we navigate the ups and downs of parenting toddlers to teenagers).

30.   I love how you still laugh at my jokes.

31.   I love you for choosing to marry a theology major even though you knew that meant a life with less income and that you would need to help support the family.

32.   I love how much you want to do God’s will, especially when it comes to being open and generous to more kids.  You always took the marriage vows to heart and knew that we promised to “accept children lovingly from God”.

33.   I love how you can get our kids to open up about what is going on in their life.  You are so good at finding out who their crush is or what “drama” they are going through.

34.   I love how dedicated you are to exercise.

I also love being able to share that time with you.  Going for a long run is one of the best times for communication in our marriage (of course if we are spending the whole time talking, we are probably running too slow).

35.   I love your sense of humor!

36.   I love your ability to persevere through hardship or difficulty (although, thankfully we have not had too much in our own lives)

37.   I love how generous you are as a gift giver.  You are so thoughtful when getting gifts for others.  It could be Christmas or birthday presents for our kids or secretly sending gifts to a blog/Instagram friend who is having a baby.  You don’t just think of others… you do things for others.

38.   I love that you are the mother of my children.  You are so loving, unselfish, patient, and forgiving.  You are the role-model that I would choose for them to know what a fun, holy, joyful, and virtuous Christian woman looks like.

39.   I love how you keep all of our memories, pictures, and videos so we can always look back and remember how fun family life can be!

40.   I love how easy you make it to love you.


  1. Happy Birthday, Colleen!!!! And I think you need to do a blog post on #33. I am the worst at this and any attempts to get info from my kids seem to make them angry!

    And your husband is a keeper - but you knew that already!

    1. Hmmmm, if I can think about what I do enought to pinpoint it and write about it, I will!!

  2. Oh my gosh. This is the cutest thing EVER. Happy birthday!!

  3. Happy Happy Birthday! What a wonderful tribute to you from your husband. Hmmm....kinda seems like the fella may really like you alot! Enjoy your day...and have a nice big piece of deserve it!

  4. Super woman/wife/mother! Happy Birthday!

  5. I hope you and JP had a wonderful day!! This post is too sweet, well done Phil!

  6. Well done, Phil. It's such a joy to read and clearly see when couples truly love each other.Thank you for always sharing the beauty of your marriage and family with us. It's been too many years to count that I've known you here and you are still a joyful witness. A fabulous 40 list for amazing you, Colleen! Hugs from MN. xo

  7. So glad I saw this as I was going through my blog feed. #goals!


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