Friday, May 3, 2019

7 Thankful Quick Takes

It's Friday and I've had a crazy two weeks but I'm so Thankful!!  Here's why...


I appealed my speeding ticket from last month and I won!  The magistrate and the police officer were so nice, and took one look at my "pristine driving record" and where I was ticketed (going over a bridge between two towns) and just removed it from my record.  The officer said 80% of the appeals he sees are from people receiving tickets in that same spot.  I was so nervous to go to the courthouse, and I totally had envisioned a real court room tv scenario where I might have to use my feminine wiles, but it was nothing like that. 

 Glad I had the courage to go and keep my clean driving record!


I was in an accident on Sunday morning on the way to church.

Ummmm, Colleen, what were you just saying about your pristine driving record?

It wasn't my fault, okay?

A teenage girl took a left out of a side road and just hit me as I was driving down the main road.  I called the cops and it was very clear that the girl was totally at fault.  She called her mom, who came over and made a big fuss about how it wasn't her daughter's fault because I was speeding, to which I replied, "Oh, I was speeding?  You know that?  Because you were there?  HOW DARE YOU MAKE UP LIES WHEN YOU WEREN'T EVEN HERE AT THE TIME OF THE ACCIDENT?  YOUR DAUGHTER CRASHED RIGHT INTO ME AND APOLOGIZED BECAUSE SHE KNEW IT WAS HER FAULT AND NOW YOU ARE TEACHING HER TO LIE?  YOU BETTER SHUT YOUR MOUTH!"

She didn't like that last bit about shutting her mouth, and I shouldn't have said that, but I was so heated and emotional from, you know, just being slammed into with a car!!!  

The cop told me to just stay away from her and so I did.  My van had to get towed and hopefully today will get brought to the shop to start repairs (dented front side, driver door won't open, and flat tire).  We just received word that the girl is 100% at fault (DUH!) so I'm driving my Kia Sorento rental around for as long as I need until my Honda Odyssey is fixed.  What a nuisance!  But I'm so thankful that nobody was hurt and that I wasn't responsible for any of it.


I've already told you that I've been taking more group exercise classes at the YMCA now that we have a family membership.  I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!  I go to a weightlifting class on Mondays, a kickboxing class on Wednesdays, and an Insanity Class on Thursdays.  I'm super thankful to be able to get this time each week.  That Thursday class is soooooo hard and I love to hate it.  Last night was Shaun's birthday (the creator of Insanity) so our instructor had us take a sweaty photo and made cookies.  So fun!  You'd be proud to know I didn't eat a cookie.  (You'd be less proud to know it was because I ate a big cookie at a retirement party I was at earlier that day!)


Phil and I got to dress in our college gear on National College Decision Day, which is May 1.  Going to Franciscan University was one of the best decisions I ever made, and it brought this Cape Cod girl and this Maryland boy together, which may never have happened otherwise.

Can't believe it will be 17 years this month!  I still feel like I'm 17 (and I have the pimples to prove it)!


This Sunday is Alexander's First Communion!  He's psyched and we got the front row in the random drawing - woohoo!  He said he wanted to go to Confession before getting his First Communion so he could be "really clean" and Phil took him last night.  This morning, he told me he still hasn't sinned since last night.  I told him that was the goal - to not sin for as long as possible!  He said "Well that's impossible unless you're Mary!"  Thankful for my faithful and funny little man.


Thankful that Beth told me about this sauce:

I am already planning a Mock Chick-Fil-A dinner with it.  Hehe, that's funny... mock know, like a chicken.  I crack myself know, like an egg...that comes from chickens.  Man I'm on fire!  


Finally, I am super thankful that my Andrew has recovered very well from a surprise appendectomy last week.  I guess all appendectomies are a surprise, actually!  He was having severe pain one night, and Phil took him to urgent care the next morning, who then sent him to the hospital for an ultrasound, which, along with his crazy high white blood cell count, diagnosed appendicitis!  Phil and I switched roles so he could get back to teaching and Andrew and I spent two days in the hospital together, just watching lots of cooking shows and waiting, waiting, waiting,  We waited a long time for surgery, and then had to wait a long time to be discharged.  But, it all went well and now we have two surgeries this school year, so that's enough!  JK, I know having 9 people in one family means there's lots of possible surgeries ahead of us.  I just pray they are all this easy and simple.

He lost 6 pounds, but hasn't stopped eating since the surgery so hopefully he'll beef up quickly!  

I hope you all have a wonderful May weekend!  May there be less surgeries, accidents, and court dates in your week than mine :)  


  1. Are appendectomies in the air or something? We had to take our youngest in on Easter Tuesday, after he got horribly sick Monday morning (at first we thought it was just from eating too much candy and cake on Easter, or a stomach virus because he wasn't complaining of nausea at first), and ended up with surgery on Wednesday. Feel blessed that the ultrasound showed the appendix--it didn't on our little guy, nor on me 30 years ago, so they had to put him through a CT scan with contrast! A week later and our kiddo is back to his usual self, but it is so scary when you are in the hospital with a kid! Glad Andrew is feeling like himself again!

  2. Okay, so, this may just be me, but if 80% of the tickets that appeal are from the same place, maybe he should move like a block or so in the other direction so people would have had a chance to slow down? So sorry about your van! (And it doesn't surprise me that you'd get a little Irish temper in a situation like that.) Congratulations to Xander! Happy to heal Andrew is all healed up and good as new.

  3. Appendectomies run in my family. I think my grandfather had one, three of my mom's siblings have had them, a couple of cousins have, and my twin brother had one 22 years ago!

  4. So wonderful that you two met at Franciscan! My daughter graduated from there last May, but alas, no special someone (although she has good friends). Wonderful University!

  5. Cecilia's First Communion is Sunday, too! There will only be a handful of kids receiving since everybody else is doing the big ceremony on Saturday but she wants to try to sit in the front... I have a feeling we won't be able to get there early enough to snag the front pew!!

  6. I hope you guys liked the sauce! I'm glad you were able to get a rental and so glad that it was ruled not your fault. Seems like the girl has more sense than her mother!


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