Friday, September 27, 2019

Another Teenager in the House!!! (Eamon Turns 13)

Our third kiddo turned 13!  Guess what he got for his teenage birthday?  BRACES!  I know, so mean, right?  Somehow *somebody* scheduled the braces appointment without remembering that it was Eamon's birthday.  That *somebody* claims he/she scheduled it that day because I had a physical that morning and knew I would be heading into work late anyway, so why not add on another appointment.  I can see the reasoning, and all in all, it worked out great because Eamon and I took the day off work/school which was nice.  Plus, that *somebody* is really handsome, lucky for him (and me).

The orthodontist's office is the most wonderful (he is seeing a different orthodontist than our two older sons did) and made a big deal of his birthday, handing him an electronic toothbrush and a pint of ice cream as he left.  We drove home, stopping to get some lunch and do a few errands, I let him play video games for hours, and then some family members came over for dinner.  Eamon chose "football food and ice cream sundaes".  So I made taco salad, pigs in blankets, strombolis (one with ham and cheese, and one with pepperoni and cheese) and soft pretzels with a cheese sauce.  Yum!

Then it was present time!  Declan kills me because he insisted he wear his Johnny Appleseed hat ("he wore a pot on his head, Mom, can you believe it?!") for most of the evenings festivities.  When Eamon was younger, he was always very happy to remind people that he was born on Johnny Appleseed day, so it's cute to see the excitement continuing.  Yay for energetic Kindergarten teachers :)

What do you get a major sports fanatic?

A new basketball (from his godparents) of course!  And...

A new football from (Gammy and Grandpa)!  He walked around with both under his arms for the rest of the night like the true sports nut he is.  Nana and Gramps graciously mailed up an amazon gift card as well with instructions to buy something fun, which will most definitely be sports related.

Then it was time for the big present from Mom and Dad...

His new (to him) phone! With a new phone case.  We are so lucky because a good friend (hi Fr. Dave!) gave us his old iphone to give Eamon.  We normally buy our kids the cheapest starter phone (read: never an iphone) so though he knew he was getting the traditional 13th birthday phone gift, he was not expecting an iphone.


Love all those faces above!

We love you so much, sweet Eamon.  You are a true pleasure 99% of the time (and even your bad days aren't that bad!).  You are a natural leader on the soccer field, on the basketball court, in the classroom, and on the altar.  You excel at everything you try and don't care one iota about fashion (see outfit choice of the day) or your hairstyle (it's been the same since infancy - ha!).  You never ask for anything, and are quite content to save money and wear hand-me-downs.  You have a deep spiritual side and though you don't speak of it as often anymore, will still mention occasionally that you think priesthood is for you.  I watch you bless yourself as we drive by a church and say grace quietly to yourself before taking a bite.  You love throwing the football with Dad, always asking him to come out and play, and I love our chats when you emerge from your quiet shell to tell me lots of funny stories.  You always think of others before yourself, making sure teammates get fair playing time, always passing the ball, even choosing pink for your bands on your braces for breast cancer awareness month.  Who does that?  A sweetheart like you.  Dad and I love you so much, as do all of your siblings.  You are a joy, my boy, and we are so thankful for the gift of you. 


  1. Happy Birthday to him! May the year ahead be a good one!!

  2. Awe, Happy birthday to Eamon! He looks so happy with his phone!

  3. Aww! Happy Birthday, Eaton!


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